Shuffleboard Table Buying Guidelines

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Choosing to purchase a shuffleboard table for your home can be a wise choice for many people. After all, shuffleboard does provide some excellent benefits, including improved eye hand coordination and a good excuse for socializing. Having the table at home makes practicing more convenient and adds a conversation piece to your decorations. Despite the numerous benefits offered by such a table, you want to be careful about choosing the right one for your needs. Keep in mind that shuffleboard tables can be expensive so you need to think carefully about your budget, as well as a few other factors. Here are some commonly asked questions about this purchase that might help you as you choose a piece for your home.

Where should I put the shuffleboard table?

Well, the answer is really up to you. People place the tables in their game rooms, dens, basements, garages, attics, living rooms, etc. The only requirement for one of these tables is that you have sufficient room for movement at both ends of the table and enough room so that people can walk around the table. How much room depends on your own preferences, but you probably won't want less than three feet of space at either end of the table.

Of course, you're going to need to consider where to put the table in your home before you start shopping around. You'll want to take some measurements first obviously; otherwise, you probably won't remember the information when you need it. Once you have some idea of your size limitations you can start shopping for real.

How long are shuffleboard tables usually?

The standard size of a shuffleboard table is 22 feet long. Of course, most homes aren't designed for something that big. Those are more likely to be found in commercial recreation facilities. Instead, you can find smaller sizes which are more than adequate for home use. Sizes range from 8 to 12 feet in length. Longer tables usually cost more than smaller ones.

How much should I expect to spend?

This question is a bit of a challenge. A shuffleboard table is rarely going to be cheap, but you can find affordable options if you shop around. However, if you have the disposable income and want to purchase something on the upper ends of the pricing spectrum you can find some tables made from high quality wood, including solid oak tables. Some expensive tables even keep score for you. Whether or not these shuffleboard tables will work for your home depends on the budget you have so make sure you have given serious thought to your price range.

Where can I buy a shuffleboard table?

Finding shuffleboard tables for sale can be a bit challenging. You might be able to locate some inside stores that sell other types of table games, such as air hockey, but the selection is likely to be very slim. Instead, you should consider shopping online. You'll be able to find more options and lower prices, but you won't get the chance to touch them or use them before you buy.

For that reason, you should check the return policy of any online company you purchase a table from. Also, make sure you figure in the shipping and handling charges on the purchase. Because these tables can be heavy, you could end up paying a small fortune just to receive the table.

As with any purchase, you should do some research and read reviews on products and companies before choosing the shuffleboard table to add to your home.

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