Profiting with Private Label Articles - The Overview

by James Penn - Date: 2006-12-11 - Word Count: 409 Share This!

Profiting from private label articles is a very hot business. There are not many businesses which you can set up and leave and still profit from them months from now. This issue is essentially an outline of a few more methods of profiting from your PLR content.

Sending your list to a PLR article - All you have to do for this method is post a PLR article on your site, edit it a little, scatter adsense around your page, send an email to your opt-in subscribers informing them of this article, post a link to the article and watch as the majority of your subscribers head over to your page and a lot of them will click on an Adsense ad.

Using your PLR articles as blog content - Blogs were one of the new internet phenomenon's of 2006 and you can use your PLR articles to profit from your blogs. A blog is simply an internet journal which is updated frequently. All you have to do is post one of your edited PLR articles daily to your blog and eventually you will start to see some natural search engine traffic. Obviously you have to promote your blog as you would with a website but they can be set up for free at

Selling the PLR articles - If the articles rights permit for you to resell the private label rights to the articles then that is an excellent quick income opportunity. You can sell the articles as is, or you could offer a custom rewrite for a small fee. There are many mediums for which you could resell the articles. You could sell on your website, to your list, as a special offer on forums, from your blog or on eBay.

Creating an eCourse - This method is very much the same as the above one except your subscribers are systematically sent to an article on your website or simply into their email inboxes. This builds your reputation and credibility and you can also promote other products and generate revenue from adsense in each article. When distributing an eCourse, the major mistake many marketers make is pasting the article into their email, rather than directing subscribers to a web page with the article. This enables you to profit from adsense ads, add affiliate links in a disguised manner and give your subscribers a greater reading experience due to the more attractive site design compared to the bland and boring email text format.

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