When It Comes To Flower Delivery, Roses Say It All

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When you use a flower delivery to tell someone you love them, you're sending a pleasant surprise. Think about it. One day, unexpectedly, a big bunch of roses shows up on your doorstep or your desk at work. Suddenly, you realize that someone is thinking of you! When you send flowers, you give someone the chance to enjoy that special feeling, and a flower delivery of roses sends perhaps the most special message of all.

What color roses should you send? Each color means something different, and the color of roses you choose to have delivered says a lot about how you feel about that special someone, whomever it may be. What does each color say? How do you send just the right message and set those roses apart from other flowers?

Red: The classic rose color when sending a flower delivery, red says, "I love you." If you're looking for the perfect roses for your romantic interest, go with red. They're so well understood, you don't even need a card to get the message across!

White: White roses symbolize purity, so if you're looking for the perfect rose for your little girl or your mother, white might be the best choice. They're also great for letting someone know you think they're perfect. White is synonymous with purity, so it sends the message that you think the recipient of your flower delivery is perfect in every way.

Pink: Need to say thanks? Send pink roses! Pink roses are great for those occasions when you need to let a friend know you appreciate all they've done. Same goes for acquaintances, significant others, and family. If you need your flower delivery to send a message of gratitude, pink roses are the right decision.

Yellow: Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. Maybe you don't have any special reason for sending the message, but if you want a friend to know you're thinking of them, have yellow roses delivered. Don't send them to your significant other or spouse, though. They're just not romantic!

Knowing the special language of roses will help that flower delivery say all the right things. Combining colors can also send a message. When you combine red and white roses in a single bouquet of flowers, you send a message of unity. Want to let your significant other know you're thinking of tying the knot? Send a combination of red and white roses.

White roses mixed with yellow roses are a symbol of harmony, and great for that friend that feels like a soul mate. Celebrating a special occasion? Make that flower delivery a combination of yellow and red roses for the birth of a child or a friend's anniversary.

Flowers of any kind are a great gift, but a flower delivery of roses shows you want only the very best for your friend, family member, or closest loved one. When nothing else will due, say it with roses.

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