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Murad Products are not only the confluence of skin care and health care but also the successful amalgamation of nature and science. Nature is always evolving and science forever progressing, The Murad Products team of aestheticians and scientists strive to move ahead of any change and continue the skin care revolution started by the visionary Dr. Howard Murad. Innovative treatments are being formulated everyday to reverse the signs of skin aging and bring a lasting cure for any kind of skin concern - acne, cellulite, pigmentation, age-spots or anything more skin specific. For Murad products, the motto is total wellness and therefore skin ailments are not just addressed with external applications but with internal supplements as well. Path-breaking Murad products and newer treatments have always made headlines and one needs to be abreast with Murad news, even if only to be aesthetically aware.

Murad Products recently received two seals of approval from the skin cancer foundation. Two products - Murad Professional Daily Moisture Charge SPF 30 and Murad Man Face Defense SPF 15 - had gone through a stringent review process and after completion declared suitable for sun safety. The review is carried out by a qualified team of photobiologists and therefore getting the seal of approval has been scientific validation of its products and indeed an honour for its commitment to the cause of skin care. Murad products are available in 38 countries worldwide and it is one of the foremost names in professional skin care today.

Sometimes customers are confused when a particular product they are looking for is unavailable or withdrawn from sale. Regretting the inconvenience, Customer care informs that a Murad product is sometimes discontinued in response to customer preferences or for enhancement of its qualities with improved ingredients. Therefore the user may approach the customer care department with the name of the product that has been off the shelf and be advised accordingly on which new Murad product should be used in place of it.

Murad Products introduced the Spa range of skin care specially formulated to achieve magical results. The range includes a cleanser, a toner, a perfecting lotion, acne spot treatment and also a spa shampoo for thinning hair. All the products are clinically proven and contain ingredients like triclosan, salicyclic acid, retinol and arnica that are safe and dermatologically tested. The acne treatment is alcohol free. Another revolutionary Murad product recently launched is the Intensive Wrinkle Reducerô with the brand's exclusive anti-aging GlycoNutrient complex and Glucosamine that does not merely act as a temporary solution but keeps improving skin health with every application. The amazing thing is that it starts working within ten minutes and skin becomes perceptibly firmer.

The exfoliating properties of glycolic acid have been effectively utilized in another new Murad product - The New Intense resurfacing Peel. However, the main ingredient in this product is the extract of the fruit Durian that contains exceptional levels of fatty acids and anti-oxidants. It has superior exfoliating properties and in three weeks time, the suppleness and vibrancy of youthful skin replaces the lackluster appearance caused by cellular debris and neglect.

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