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Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you tried lots of diets to find they don't work for you?

I work with many women who have struggled in the past to lose weight. The underlying issue for many of them is that they plain and simply don't enjoy it.

Think of something you absolutely love to do.

For me, I love being with friends and family. It would take a lot for me to cancel an appointment that I have with them.

When you think of that thing you love to do, do you feel the same way? Wouldn't it be hard to drag yourself away from it?

That's the way I would like to see you look at exercise and weight loss.

When I used to exercise to lose weight, I did it because I had to. Now, I was smart and married a personal trainer. He trains me frequently and it's quite funny to watch the journey of my training with him.

When he had me doing things I didn't like doing, like running sprints and up and down stairs, it was a drag for me. Which of course made it harder on him in order to motivate me to get through the session and even to show up.

Once we started to find things that challenge me and that I love doing, we both love my training sessions. The important think to note here… is that I LOVE doing my exercise!

Up until recently, when I became pregnant, I realized how much I LOVE lifting heavy weights. I absolutely love the challenge of it, the soreness I feel and the amazing muscles I build because of it. My body reacts really well to it.

For a bit of fun, go to YouTube and type in "car lifting wife" and you will see me lifting an actual car. I am not kidding when I say heavy weights! And ladies… it's possible for you to do this too! I could barely do a squat with no weights only a few years ago.

Here's a little secret…

The more muscle you build, the more weight you lose! Many people make a very common mistake when wanting to lose weight and think they should do lots of cardio workouts. Although that can be a part of your routine, building muscle is the key!

The more muscle.. the higher your metabolism… the more fat you burn while laying on the couch! Get it?!

Anyway… enough giving away my secrets!

Start thinking about the things that you love to do… Do you love to dance? Hang out with friends? Be outdoors? Play team sports? What is it for you?

I said to you before that I LOVE being with friends. That is definitely one of my tactics in working out. I do it with other people. I find it so much more fun AND we challenge each other because we can compete against the other.

I go for walks with girlfriends, instead of sitting down at a coffee shop. My husband trains me so that I have his company. I also love joining into his group sessions. There is a handful of people sweating, working hard and laughing all at the same time. It makes exercise fun!

Look for ways you can do what you love. If you like being in groups, there are plenty of places to go for group training these days. Look for classes in your local community for dance, yoga, whatever it is for you.

I personally look forward to getting into the pole dancing explosion going on at the moment. What a workout and how much fun!

As far as eating is concerned… Moderation is KEY!

I personally dropped down to a size 8 a couple of years ago and made a decision that it was not the right place for me to be, because in order for me to stay that small, my life was dominated by working out and eating so healthy that it hindered going out with friends and family.

I am truly happy at my size 10, (before getting pregnant) and eating more of the foods that I love in moderation and being able to have a social life. Think about this when setting your goals.

People tend to get so wrapped up in all the things that they can't eat and feel so bogged down, that eating actually becomes a drag. The thing that I love most about our program is that we teach you how to enjoy food!

We LOVE TO EAT! I eat foods loaded with nutrients including good fats - they are so tasty! When you start to eat a balanced diet that is right for your body type, you will stop craving the junk that you THINK you want. It actually starts to taste icky.

Ultimately fresh foods are filled with wonderful vitamins and minerals that your body loves. Many times what happens when you eat a diet with lots of processed foods that have little to no nutritional value and are loaded with sugar is that your body wants to keep eating. Not because it's hungry, but because you haven't fed it anything nutritional to keep it functioning. It's hoping that if you keep eating, eventually it will get what it needs!

I truly wish that the massive companies in this world didn't have such great marketing. Because if they didn't you would realize that most of what they get you to believe is a LIE! Because of that lie, you have probably become addicted to foods that they say are good for you, but really… They just want you to buy their product!

Again, when you realize that you can LOVE what you eat by learning what's right for you to eat for YOUR body, then it will be easy for you to eat healthy foods.

When you decide to have fun and do what's right for you, then we are excited and happy to show you "what is healthy". When my clients tell me that they have a healthy diet, I always ask the question, "What is healthy for you?" I get a different answer every time and frequently not what I consider healthy at all!

Healthy is different for everybody. Isn't it time you find out what is really healthy for you? Do you want to start enjoying the process of losing weight and fitting into that hot sexy outfit that you always wanted to wear?

Start doing what you love today and have fun!

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