Will Jon And Kate Announcement Spoiler Make Profits Plunge?

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Jon and Kate announcement breaks early

Yesterday, I wrote about TLC promoting the Jon and Kate announcement special episode that will air on Monday in place of the regular show. Keeping the announcement secret was a strategic marketing move that was sure to get the big bucks flowing in.

However, the announcement has been leaked. I definitely think that the Jon and Kate announcement spoiler will have a big effect on the viewership of Monday's announcement program. Payday loan stores stay competitive by offering lower rates, but TV shows can only compete through ratings and viewers.

Jon and Kate announcement spoiler

I wrote "Jon and Kate announcement spoiler" again just to be sure. Anyone out there who does not want to know what the Jon and Kate announcement is and wait until Monday to find out on the show should not read any further.

OK, here goes. This is from The Hollywood Gossip:

Jon and Kate announcement spoiler: definitely a divorce

The promo for Monday night's special episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 promises that the embattled Jon and Kate Gosselin will make a major announcement.

A source close to the situation tells Radar Online that the Jon and Kate announcement is what we all assumed it to be: They are getting a divorce.

The source says that Kate Gosselin recently met with a divorce lawyer. Another source says that the couple had previously agreed to separate by July 15.

That timetable has now been pushed forward.

Radar also claims exclusive knowledge that for all intents and purposes, the marriage is already over and Jon Gosselin will file divorce papers next week.

What becomes of 'Jon & Kate Plus 82?

So now we know about the Jon and Kate announcement spoiler and the impending Jon and Kate divorce. I predicted in my article yesterday that the announcement would be they were ending the show, pronto. Though I haven't read yet exactly how soon the show will end, it is only a matter of time.

How can "Jon & Kate Plus 83 continue if there is no Jon and Kate? Will it be Jon minus Kate? Kate minus Jon? "Jon OR Kate Plus 83? I suppose that would be an easy enough change.

Who are these Jon and Kate people?

For those of you out there who aren't familiar with Jon and Kate, they are the stars, along with their eight children, of a TLC reality show. To catch everybody up, after the Jon and Kate announcement spoiler, The Hollywood Gossip does on to give a great explanation of the show and the many controversies surrounding it:

The stars of Jon & Kate Plus 8 have unwittingly used reality TV to broadcast the reality of an unraveling, terrible marriage. And they've done it to record ratings this season as media frenzy around the battling couple grew with each new development:

* Jon was accused of having an affair with Deanna Hummel.
* Kate was accused of having an affair with Steve Neild.
* Kate's porcupine / reverse mullet weave has been scrutinized.
* Her brother discussed the relationship publicly in a tell-all with Us Weekly, which featured the Gosselins on a staggering seven straight covers.
* Kate previously took the sextuplets on vacation to North Carolina without Jon. He was spotted hanging out with Deanna Hummel in Utah.
* Jon has also been spotted with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate's plastic surgeon, and reports say this relationship may be still on.
* Jon and Kate spent their 10th wedding anniversary apart.

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