Golf Equipment: Pick A Golf Club To Suit You

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Your choice of golf clubs is vital. It does not mean buying very expensive equipment, but it does mean having clubs set up to suit your height, strength and general game. In theory, most players can use clubs of a fairly standard length. Although our height varies enormously, most people's hands hang at about the same distance off the ground. Men from 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 10 inches can normally use standard length clubs and so too can women from 5 feet to 5 feet 5 inches.

The point to remember is that if you add length to the club, the shaft becomes whippier and the head feels heavier. If you shorten a club, it becomes stiffer and there is usually less feel to the head. Tall players, in particular, will often have difficulty with clubs that are too short, especially through the shorter irons.

The set of irons should normally be graduated by half an inch between each one. But for the tall player, graduating the clubs by half an inch from the 6 iron through the wedges often overcomes any difficulties.

Also vital is having the correct lie to the clubs in other words, the angle at which the club sits to the ground when the player takes up his stance. As you hit the ball, the shaft flexes, the hands may rise, and the sole of the club comes through flat on the ground.

If the player is short, holds his hands low at address, or has clubs set up incorrectly, where the toe of the club is off the ground at address, the tendency is for the heel to drag into the ground and the clubface to close. As a result, the shot is pulled or drawn. In other words, the club is too upright. This is often not a problem for the club player, however, and may indeed help him to eliminate any tendency he has to slice.

If the player is tall or holds his hands high at address, the heel of the club may be up, and the toe may tend to dig into the ground. This is disastrous and will cause a slice. So any tall player must check the lie of his clubs very carefully.

You may want to cheek whether the club head hosel can be bent under heat in case at a later date you want to change the lie angle. This is especially important for tall players who may find that the lie is not quite right. Only a professional sports outfitter should make alterations.

Buy clubs with the correct thickness of grip, and use a grip in which the fingers of the left hand just barely touch the pad of the left thumb without digging in. Keep grips in good condition by washing them regularly with warm water. And make sure they are put back on straight, with any line down the front of the grip perfectly square to the clubface.

If you buy a new set of clubs with poorly fitted grips, ask your professional to change them. The grip on a club is not round, but egg shaped. So if they are not set on correctly, you will find difficulty in holding the clubface square and returning it squarely to the ball.

The experienced golfer should be able to pick up a club, close his eyes, twiddle it around, and set his hands squarely on - just from the feel of the grip.

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