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Springsteen concert tickets are often regarded as the ultimate in the American live music experience. Not only has Springsteen made a mark with his iconic albums, he has also immortalized himself as a musician who creates the ultimate in live shows. His marathon sets are known right across the world and fans are even known to line up outside his practice venues, to catch scraps of upcoming show numbers.

The Born in the USA Tour

Springsteen concert tickets were almost impossible to get during Springsteen's most famous tour which was done to support the release of the album Born in the USA. Prior to this, Springsteen concerts had always been a big draw but the Boss himself always came across as a shabbily dressed, skinny songster. The Born in the USA tour saw a muscular Springsteen in a white t-shirt. Today, the image of a red cap hanging out of the back pocket of a pair of old jeans has become almost symbolic of Springsteen himself.

The tour lasted about a year and Springsteen played before sold out crowds right across the country. He started out the concerts with a bang, playing his song Born in the USA. This would be misinterpreted as heightened patriotism when it was really about the plight of war veterans who had returned from Vietnam. The tour is often cited as one of the biggest events in the history of rock and roll.

All By Myself

Springsteen has always experimented with new styles and this is just what he did with his Devils & Dust tour. While the E Street Band was Springsteen's usual band, on this tour he was on stage solo, playing a number of different instruments. For fans who had bought Springsteen concert tickets for these shows, it was a whole new Springsteen experience. Being an acoustic concert, Springsteen would request the audience to be quiet beforehand and even jokingly remind everyone to keep their cell phones off.

The tour was a challenge to both Springsteen and his fans. Springsteen is not known for his piano playing skills but he played anyway and in a number of places, mistakes are clearly heard. However, this simply heightened the experience for most fans. Rather than an energetic and crowded stage, they saw Springsteen as a solitary figure on a darkened stage and reviews marveled at the sparse yet intense magic that his music conveyed.

Springsteen would surprise fans yet again when he seemed to go all out into the folk genre with his Seeger Sessions Band Tour. This particular tour was incredibly popular in Europe, with these Springsteen concert tickets selling out in a matter of minutes at Amsterdam, London and Manchester. The tour was commercially less successful in America but critics praised Springsteen for his innovative approach towards the folk genre and for injecting his own brand of unique musicality into all of his performances. For any music lover who would love to see a real live music show that relies on the music and nothing else, Springsteen is the way to go. You can beat the lines at the ticket counters by ordering your Springsteen concert tickets online though an authorized ticket vendor. Al is the webmaster of the Springsteen Concert Tickets site, a New York City entertainment website with reviews and news on every event, as well as Springsteen concert tickets information.

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