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A functional template or sample is one that may be adapted for the purposes of those looking for a career switch. The functional resume samples are those that highlight one's skills and abilities rather than work experience or the jobs previously held. Functional resumes are sometimes also known as competency-based resumes; one that can be said to be in a sort of problem solving format.

Functional resume samples may also come in handy for those who want to state qualifications and or positions held a long time back; for homemakers who took a break to have a baby (or two or three as the case may be) and are looking to rejoin the workforce. Also, in the event where one's last job reference was not the best one, one may want to take the help of a functional resume template. This can help to highlight other, more favorable accomplishments. For the following people a functional resume sample would be the correct choice:

1. Individuals fresh out of college who may not have much job experience to speak of and who would have to highlight their qualifications and other skills instead.

2. People who have worked in several different industries or have had diverse job experiences.

3. Women or men who have taken time off work to bring up children and are looking to reenter the workforce.

4. Individuals from the armed forces who are looking to forge a new career path for themselves.

5. Individuals who were previously engaged in volunteer work.

6. More experienced individuals who may not want to advertise what a long job history they have had.

There are several advantages of a Functional resume template:

1. The qualifications of those that had a career break or a career switch appear to make much more sense in a functional resume as against a chronological resume.

2. One may or may not have sufficient experience but may have the skills to make up for that. A functional resume can try to redress this imbalance.

3. The skills that a chronological resume may not be able to highlight are able to be emphasized in a functional resume.

4. A functional resume is very useful for someone who is looking to switch tracks, professionally speaking, who may be looking to get into a different niche or separate industry altogether.

There are these limitations of a functional resume however:

1. Some employers do not like a functional resume; they find it rather difficult to interpret.

2. Some employers find that a functional resume does not give them the whole picture so to speak.

3. Many employers are more interested in one's experience or the organizations that one has previously been employed with.

4. A functional resume may sometimes appear as though an attempt has been made to gloss over certain less fortunate details. It could seem that some of the less flattering details have been left behind.

For these reasons, some employers or recruiters may be somewhat suspicious of the functional resume.

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