Dating Rules for Smart Guys

by Jodie Brittain - Date: 2007-05-28 - Word Count: 532 Share This!

Don't worry, when we say dating rules here, we don't mean rules like showing up on time or using the proper fork in a fancy restaurant.

On the contrary, the smart guy's rules for dating are aimed at giving men the upper hand in the dating game during the first few weeks of courtship.

They depend on wit and cunning to lay down the bait and reel the woman right in. Of course, some women are familiar with a few of them but they certainly don't know them all so keep them a secret.

(1) Call her again after three days
Many men are familiar with this one and so are a few women. The reason for its popularity is that it works like a charm.

The idea is to avoid projecting yourself as desperate or too needy. By waiting three days before you call, you show that you can play it cool. And imagine if she knows the three-day rule. She will be impressed at how savvy you are.

(2) Don't give too many personal details
It pays to be mysterious so don't reveal too much about your family, your job or your past relationships right away.

This will keep her guessing and adds spice to the dating game. But don't be too weird about withholding information either because this may just come off as too creepy and scare her away.

(3) Go to a place where you have a good reputation
During your early dates, try bringing her to a place where everyone knows your name. This way, you can display how smooth you really are in your natural element.

She will surely be impressed if the DJ of the club greets you warmly or if the restaurant manager assigns you to the best table in the place. This show of social clout will let her know that she's with a real man.

(4) Do not spend too much
This is a great way to know if your date is a keeper because it will reveal whether she's interested in you or your wallet.

On your first few dates, bring her to a coffee shop, boardwalk, lounge or other places that aren't too expensive. Of course, don't come off as being too cheap either lest she regard you as a bum.

(5) Don't sleep with her right away
The objective is to let her know that you are a man who isn't ruled by his libido. It doesn't mean you totally hold back. In fact, kiss her passionately like you were about to go to bed, then pull away!

This will propel the sexual tension to boiling point and leave her wanting more. When the time finally comes to go all the way, you will reap the rewards of your patience and discipline in the bedroom.

(6) Screen her telephone calls
The first few times she calls you, don't call her back right away. Instead, wait a day or two to give her a return call. All the while, take note of how often she calls you.

This strategy will tell you know whether she's desperate or not, perhaps even whether she has stalker tendencies. But be sure to call her back no later than two days or risk losing her totally.

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