Asthma Prevalence

by Mercy Maranga - Date: 2008-11-19 - Word Count: 273 Share This!

In today's word, asthma prevalence is very high. This is as a result of industrialization and urbanization. Asthma condition is more common in people who live in urban areas. You will find that one in ten people living in the urban area has asthma. Occupation asthma prevalence is also on the rise.  As the air is polluted, the more the chances of one getting asthma.

Infant asthma prevalence is also on the rise. This is as a result of the high percentage of women who smoke especially during pregnancy.  As the asthma condition continues to affect our society, what we need to do is  curb it. This is by doing away with environmental pollutants. We should come up with environmental friendly industries.

Vehicles and factories contribute a lot in the pollution.  Methods of preventing harmful gases being emitted into the air should be sought for. As the air is polluted, people will always be breathing harmful substances mixed in the air. AS a result, the respiratory system is affected. Chances of having asthma in such a case are very high.

Asthma prevalence can be lowered if the issue is sensitized. This is by letting the society know how serious the problem is, people should also be taught on ways to curb the problem. This can also be avoided if people are taught on the causes of asthma and how one can avoid it. Centers should be set up in different places where people can get more information on the problem.  Pregnant women should also be given information on how to protect their unborn children from the condition. As a result, asthma prevalence will go down.

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Asthma - Who Gets It?

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