Nourish Your Future-nourish Deprived Children

by Naval Khera - Date: 2009-10-28 - Word Count: 397 Share This!

Imagine a world where no child lives in miseries, no child wears rags, no child begs and no child works in health hazardous workplaces. Such world will be the one where every child goes to school, smartly dressed, well tucked in school buses, every child will smile through the cartoons, every child will be able to paint his/her own dreams, and the smile, the innocence will be retained. Let's all work for the realization of this dream, let's work towards making ourselves into a society where all children be treated equally, a society where all children would realize their full potential and demand their rights and dignities. We can help underprivileged children's charity by donating fund or other stuff like clothes, books, toys and so on. When it comes to the betterment and welfare of underprivileged children we would have to take a few steps. Being positioned in a well supported stratum of the society and being able to earn well, we should sponsor a child charity and help them in the best possible way we can. We can sponsor a girl child or a charity for children and in this way can extend our helping hand towards the betterment of poverty-stricken children.

A number of charitable organizations like Plan India strive to bring lasting improvements in the quality of life of needy and deprived children in most of the developing countries of the world. These organizations follow a charitable method of extending help and building relationships with the poor children and their families. They not only offer help but also invite common man's support in the form of sponsorships for underprivileged children's charity and thus, enable these children participate in educational development programs and meet their basic health and education needs. We can also participate if we sponsor a child charity. Promoting the rights of these children is also an initiative being worked upon by numerous charitable hands across the globe. While we think of doing charity for children, we should think that they are the future of our country, the building blocks of the nation and thus, we have to nurture our own future in their form. If you sponsor a child charity or sponsor a girl child, you can help in the development of an environment where only happiness is nurtured, where only brotherhood is promoted, and where there is no space for miseries.

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