Free Government Grant Money Eligibility Requirements

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All of us hear about free government grant money. But what is involved in obtaining this money? What do I have to do to qualify? Remember anything given to you will take work to obtain it. First lets take a look at the eligibility requirements.

Here are three basic requirements you should meet:

- You need to be a US citizen
- You must be a first time home buyer
- You must be able to qualify for a mortgage

So if you are not able to qualify for a mortgage, do not try to obtain of the housing grants available. Get your affairs in order so you can qualify for a mortgage first. Then take a look at applying for a housing grant.

Steps in Qualifying for Housing Grants

The application process involves a lot of time and work. It is very important to have the proper documentation and fill out all the forms correctly. Be sure to use US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the official government grant website ( to help you in finding available housing grants.

Be sure to review all the eligibility requirements when checking out all the different housing grants. There are the basic requirements listed above, but each grant will have additional requirements. It is hard to list all the requirements in this article. Make sure you meet all the additional requirements listed.

Next apply for as many free government grant money that you are eligible for. This will increase your chances of being awarded one of the grants.

Finally, make sure your application is filled out correctly!! If there are errors, this will slow down the process. Do not leave a section blank otherwise the whole process will be slowed down or even denied. That would be devastating to put in all this time and effort to only be denied because of a mistake. So do not hurry through this process. Take your time and do it right.

Remember, anything that is free is usually not easy. But it is worth the time and effort if you meet the eligibility requirements. Another thing to keep in mind is those basic requirements. You need to be a first time home buyer and be able to quality for a mortgage.

So if you know your credit is bad, then work on fixing it first. That way you ensure you qualify for a mortgage. If you do not see where you can meet the additional requirements for free government grant money, investigate down payment assistance options. There are down payment assistance programs that will work well too.

Most of these housing grants have a requirement of living in the home for a period of years. So plan on staying for a time. Otherwise you may have to pay the grant back.

As a first time home buyer you have many options to help you. Explore your possibilities and buy the home of your dreams! All things worthwhile take time and work.

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