Do Ebook Manufacturers Ignore The International Market?

by Louise Doyle - Date: 2010-05-15 - Word Count: 400 Share This!

Most owners of ebook readers are reportedly very happy with their devices. In fact, a little more than 9 out of ten don't regret for a moment that they purchased their little electronic gadget. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why this group of consumers are so tickled, and see if their international counterparts are just as tickled.

The biggest reason for their happiness is the fact that they don't need to go anywhere near their desktop or laptop when it comes time to download their reading choices. You want numbers? How about six out of ten users really love their wireless access. Sony's Reader better listen up here.

But what about what doesn't please them? Is this possible? Sure it is. In the area of ebook selections, or lack of it. Four in ten find this a problem. Three out of four users demand color screens so they can download and read their favorite magazines. Let's not forget the four out of ten ebook readers who long for a battery life to extend beyond its current capacity. Users are thinking road trips, to be sure.

These numbers are all well and good, right? But think about the owners of ebook readers who live somewhere other than the United States? How are they represented in this relatively young market? Some, like Kindle, do ship their products around the world, but do they support the languages in these foreign markets? Is it fair to expect someone in Guatemala not to be able to read their ebooks in Spanish?

The good news is that more ebook manufacturers are coming out with ebook readers that are supporting many languages. That is the great thing about this market -- the manufacturers do listen to their customers. And currently, the international segment of this market is fast growing, so to ignore the needs and desires of these consumers would be the death knell of any company wanting to risk doing that.

In closing, keep dreaming, all of you avid readers of digital ink and paper. It does not matter if you live in the United States, or any other country in the world, dream and dream big. Whether you dream of bigger screens, double screens, color screens, improved audio, bigger storage capacity, longer battery life, or the ability to play music and video files, keep dreaming of what is possible, because chances are, it is.

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