Direct TV Provides Access to Hundreds of High Quality Channels

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With over fourteen million people, Direct TV has the largest subscriber base of any satellite television provider. You are probably wondering why so many people have signed up and are continuing to switch to Directv's satellite television service. Though there are many answers to this question, it is definitely true that Directv's incredible channel selection, advanced technology, exceptional customer service, and incredible values all contribute to its success.

Direct TV delivers the best technology whether you are trying to save money or treat yourself to the ultimate satellite television experience. Even if you decide on the basic receiver model, you'll watch all your programming in digital format for pure, crisp pictures and realistic sound. You will also be able to access to an on-screen program guide that displays program listings up to a few days in the future and that can be programmed for the individual tastes of each family member so everyone can select from just the channels he or she is interested in. Parental Controls also come standard on every Directtv subscription so that parents can have confidence when their children are alone with the television. Parents can have control over what their children watch, by blocking programs according to channel, MPAA ratings, or content; and being able to set limits on pay-per-view spending. Blocked channels are still accessible by password, so parents can still access all of the shows they want to watch.

Directtv also builds technologies like HDTV and Digital Video Recording into its more advanced receiver models. Programs in HDTV, have up to ten times the picture resolution of what you'd see with standard definition television, along with an incredibly clear sound and a wide screen aspect ratio of sixteen to nine. An HD receiver provides access to this incredible technology, but will also let you take advantage of all the standard definition programming that you love. Directtv's Digital Video Recorders, or DVR's for short, are designed to make watching television ultra convenient by by letting you choose the best time to watch your programs. You can even record from two channels at the same time, pause and rewind live television and store up to seventy hours of video. That means you will never have to miss any more of your favorite shows and movies just because you had to leave your house for some reason or were otherwise interrupted while watching.

Best of all, Directtv provides access to hundreds of high quality channels. From the Total Choice package all the way up to Total Choice Premier with over two hundred channels, you will have the best access to movies, educational programming, shopping, sports, children's channels, news, local channels and much more. Additional programming includes foreign programming, adult channels, sports, and HDTV subscriptions. These Direct TV offers are superior to Dish Network and cable television.

The highest level of customer service also makes it easy and pleasant to take advantage of Directv's great products. As a new subscriber, you can take advantages of free equipment and a free professional installation. You might even be able to get free equipment upgrades for products like a Digital Video Recorder on your satellite receiver. Of course the customer service doesn't stop just because your new satellite television system has been installed. You'll still receive plenty of support for all of these great products. After all, no one else can provide the great level of high quality programming, great technology, and great customer service of Directv.

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