Canada's Cosmaceutical Wins With Batchmaster ERP

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Cosmaceutical Research Lab, already the largest contract manufacturer for cosmetic products in western Canada, has a prodigious appetite for growth - growth in the volume of its cosmetic manufacturing operations, and growth into the next stage for the company, pharmaceutical manufacturing in a new plant now under construction. The company has achieved accreditation as a practitioner of cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and has earned an establishment and site license with Health Canada.

Preston Blevins (CFPIM, CIRM), with BatchMaster Software, noted "Cosmaceutical Research Labs adheres strictly to cGMP, and BatchMaster Enterprise will help move the company from 'Good' to 'Great,' even though there is no such category currently recognized in the industry. As a contract manufacturer, this company must be very responsive to customer requirements and lab staff must be equipped to devise unique formulations quickly and accurately and in such a way that the company can produce consistent high quality output at the lowest possible price. ERP was clearly required for the company to take that next step. Cosmaceutical Research Labs considers BatchMaster Software a 'strategic partner' in ushering in a new era of profitable growth."

Most of Cosmaceutical's Third Party Manufacturing is in Hair Care, Skin Care, and OTC. The number of unique SKUs has grown to be substantial, and management of varying volumes within so many product groups has become almost a daunting challenge in keeping up with the company's growth. As of 2005, the company's founders had come to the determination that they had crossed the threshold where their tools were managing (constraining) them, rather than helping them manage their business. Cosmaceutical embarked upon an exhaustive search for an integrated environment for all their operations, a modern, extensible Enterprise Resource Planning ("ERP") system.

That search eventually brought Cosmaceutical into contact with BatchMaster Software. Cosmaceutical co-founder David Gill prefers to sign his letters as "Chemist" rather than "President," emphasizing the technical foundations of his company's success. Mr. Gill observes that BatchMaster Soft ware "was willing to work with us to accommodate our business flow with a specifically tailored ERP solution." He goes on to say "BatchMaster Soft ware approached our challenges with a commitment to 'no surprises.' They assigned very capable and committed technical and business staff to our implementation. After they had delivered initial training, it became clear to us that each of the several modules within BatchMaster Enterprise was really easy to learn and use. We had been concerned at first with how comprehensive and overwhelming a feature set we saw in BatchMaster - so much to learn. But, now, the way we've configured this system and the way they are conducting training, it's clear that each individual specialist will have an easy time managing her or his own part of the overall operation. It definitely has a 'wow' factor - instead of using seven different soft ware applications to accomplish a single task, our whole solution is now bundled into one application. We are definitely pleased with our purchase."

BatchMaster Software, Inc. has provided advanced ERP solutions for over two decades with more than one thousand five hundred installations worldwide. BatchMaster's customers can be found in every formula or recipe-based business, including food, beverage, cosmetic, personal care, paint, coating, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries. Flexible, easy to learn and use, and scalable to grow with a process manufacturing business, BatchMaster is the definitive solution for the challenges facing small to midsize process manufacturers. BatchMaster has more than a hundred technical staff members of highly-qualified software professionals.

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Name: Preston W. Blevins, CFPIM, CIRM
Title: Business Development
Phone: 866-702-2824 Ext 240

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