Gary's War Angel

by Deanna Cisneros - Date: 2006-12-10 - Word Count: 278 Share This!

We crossed the border into Baghdad that day-March 18, 2003, and were settling in for a rare operational pause. We had to reload and wait for our supplies to catch up.

As night fell, I realized that I had been awake for 72 hours, but it was my turn to watch the perimeter of the camp and keep all secure. I was to continually scan the horizon with my NVG's (Night Vision Goggles). This eyewear allowed me to see in the darkest of nights-which it was in the desert.

Soon I was in my bed back home feeling the most comfortable I had ever felt. I was warm-so warm-not cold at all. The peace engulfed me.

Suddenly, I felt my daughter tapping me on my shoulder. She was tapping, tapping and saying, "Daddy, wake up Daddy, Daddy, wake up". I woke with a start thinking that I would be seeing my daughter's sweet face looking down at me. Instead, I saw movement along the horizon through my NVG's!

I called the movement in over the radio to verify whether it was an enemy force or a friendly force-we always had to verify what we saw with the other sentry's. "Verify target at 11 o'clock, verify target, verify!" was the call. In the distance you could hear "verify, verify, verify!" as the other sentry's followed the same protocol.

Needless to say, the sighting was verified to be enemy forces-and the enemy was engaged. No one wanted that horrible ending-but it saved countless lives.

Through the soul of my sweet daughter, Isabella-our whole platoon was saved. Her love and devotion for me, her father, came through in such a strong spiritual way I will never forget.

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