Some Ways On How To Conquer Your Fear Of Flying

by Joan Shine - Date: 2008-09-19 - Word Count: 435 Share This!

It is a common fact that not all flyers have the same experience and not all of them truly love air travel. For plane passengers who suffer the fear of flying, it is the thought of not knowing what to expect that is dreadful.

Claustrophobia is another main reason why some people fear air travel. The feeling of suffocating, falling and nausea leads to anxiety, and anxiety leads to stress and palpitations.

Conquering the fear of flying takes time and patience. People who have the fear of flying should know how to overcome their condition before it becomes worse. There are many ways to help you conquer your fear, may it be a medical or personal means.

Here are some of the simple steps you can take to conquer your fear of flying:

1. Before your flight, familiarize yourself. If it's your first time to travel by air, ask someone who has been on a plane many times. Ask a friend or a relative to help you understand the feeling whenever a plane takes off or lands.

2. If you have time to research, do it. It helps that you are armed with the necessary info before your actual flight and it will be easier for you to overcome the situation once you are on board the plane.

Buy a book, a DVD or browse for any online advice. Take note of the information especially those that are applicable to you.

3. If you are a frequent flyer who just can't get over the fear of flying, learn how to meditate to help you keep your calm. Meditate at home to exercise your breathing and your state of mind. Apply this technique on the actual day of your flight to reduce stress and anxiety.

4. Join a support group. You can check on the internet about groups and communities that help people with phobias. Search for the specific fear you have and log in. You can read and join forums from these online groups/communities, and you can exchange information from people who have the same fear. You can also get tips from other folks who have succeeded in overcoming their fear of flying through these forums.

5. Seek the help of a professional. If you think you can't conquer the fear of flying alone, you can always ask for a doctor's advice and a prescription.

6. Never resort to alcohol and non-prescription drugs because this could just make it worse.

7. Busy yourself while on flight. Bring a book, a Bible, your MP3 player or watch the movie or listen to the music on board.

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