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Dynasty Resources is your Gateway to business in China. Through partnerships with top companies, each specializing in a unique area of China business, Dynasty provides quality services that help you enter the most exciting market on earth.


Induction Lighting


Environmentally friendly, our energy-efficient induction lighting is ideal for hard-to-reach, hazardous places such as tunnels and warehouses where reliability is key and maintenance is labor intensive.


It is estimated that by replacing 10,000 70 watt High Pressure Sodium lights with 10,000 40 watt induction lights, a customer can save approximately US$3.5 million over 10 years in energy and maintenance costs. That translates into reductions totaling 20 million pounds of carbon emissions or taking 2,700 cars off the road annually.


Common Applications for Induction Bulbs

Industrial buildings






Outdoor areas

Cold storage


LED Lighting

LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are far more efficient than incandescent, fluorescent and neon bulbs. Advantages include:


More light per watt than other bulbs

Can emit light of an intended color without use of filters

Easier to focus light (other bulbs require external reflector)

Dimming features work perfectly without turning light yellow

Light up very quickly

Long useful life

No mercury or gases

T8 Tubes; LED Fixtures; Motion Sensor Security Lights; 360 degree bulbs; Spotlights; Reading lights; Solar Lighting all these and more are available.


Dynasty Resources China energy efficient lighting believes there are enormous business opportunities for companies with innovative technology, process controls and supply chains that address unmet needs for energy efficiency. Dynasty partners are with a top distributor of energy efficient light bulbs manufactured by reputable Chinese plants that are used by large companies, hotels and municipalities. Please visit online in NewYork city.

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