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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past two months you have probably seen or at least heard about the hit series Heroes on NBC. Heroes is a serialized drama with enough sci-fi mixed in to set it apart from the pack.

Much like ABC's Lost, Heroes draws it's fan base from a wide spectrum of viewers. One common thread among viewers is that the majority of them are very Internet savvy. NBC is not ignorant to this, in fact they use it to help promote the show and even to persist the storyline. NBC does this by publish short online comics (or "Graphic Novels") each week to correspond with the latest episode.

The Graphic Novels are just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Heroes related content and discussion online. There are countless blogs, fan sites and fan forums out there some "official", some "un-official" and some a bit of both.

Here is a break down of the Heroes related websites that any Heroes fan should know about:

Official Sites (Rating: 4/5) - This is the Heroes official website at Here is where you will find the Graphic Novels as well as other promotional material. As with most "official" websites you won't find much in the way of spoilers, gossip or any of the other juicy stuff fans are usually hungry for. Still, this is the place to start.

9th Wonders (Rating 3/5) - This is the "official" fan forum for Heroes. While this site is the most active and seems to have the most members, it can seem a bit over run by pre-teens who's mission in life is to annoy. Also, since this website is "official" (even if they try to pretend not to be) you will find yourself wanting when it comes to juicy gossip and spoilers.

Official Blogs

Hiro's Blog (Rating 4/5) - This is "Hiro's Blog" where the posts are made by the character Hiro and are usually quite comical. If nothing else this blog helps to tie the TV world to the online world.

Greg Beeman's Blog (Rating 5/5) - This is the blog of Greg Beeman, Directory/Producer for Heroes. Greg's blog usually has excellent behind the scenes info on what its like to be part of the crew on Heroes. Highly recommended reading for all Heroes fans.

Honorable "official" Blog Mentions:

Claire's MySpace - Myspace seemingly run by the character Claire. It is hard to say if this is "official" or not, the word on the street is that it is indeed run by someone at NBC.

Zach's MySpace - Same story as Claire's MySpace, only run by the character Zach.

Fan Sites & Forums

Heroes-TV (Rating 5/5) - If you are a die hard Heroes fan, then this site should be at the top of your bookmarks list. It is full of in-depth and intellectual (more so than most) discussion about plot developments and characters. Heroes-TV is also an excellent source for all Heroes related news, spoilers and gossip. If news breaks on any of the "official" sites or any other news outlet, you will find it on the front page of Heroes-TV in a matter of minutes as the website is constantly updated.

Heroes-Forum (Rating 4/5) - A forum site dedicated to Heroes. If you love to talk about Heroes you will want to give this forum a shot. Much better discussion than the 9th Wonders website and no feeling that certain information is withheld because the studio is paying your bills.

Super Hiro (Rating 3/5) - Another forum site similar to Heroes-Forum, except with less members and a more confusing layout. Still a good place to check out if you just can't get your fill of Heroes discussion.

The Heroes Chronicles (Rating (3/5) - A Heroes fan blog keeping us up to date on the latest news, gossip and spoilers. The blog seems to be updated regularly and very informative.HeresTheSeries (2/5) - Another Heroes news blog that posts the latest news, review and gossip related to the show. There really isn't anything here that can't already be found at one of the sites listed above.

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