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Click Here to Download the My Life Ringtone by The Game ft. Lil Wayne

My Life by The Game ft. Lil Wayne is quickly becoming one of the most popular songs in North America. The My Life Ringtone is also one of the hottest ringtones in the world right now. My Life has received massive radio airplay and is performing well on several Billboard music charts. My Life is the third single off of The Game's upcoming third studio album L.A.X. and features rapper Lil Wayne.

Like many recent Lil Wayne songs, Lil Wayne uses the Auto-Tune effect for the hook. This song started to receive airplay on July 22, 2008, but was leaked onto the internet in early July. As of August 5th the song has been released for download on iTunes. The piano melody and various instruments within My Life are interpolations of Eminem's "Stan". The music video was filmed on July 23, 2008. The video takes place in a graveyard in Compton and features Lil Wayne. My Life has already peaked at #11 on the US iTunes Top Songs Chart.

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Click Here to Download the My Life Ringtone by The Game ft. Lil Wayne


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