How To Save More On Toner

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How to save more on Toner- Other than by just price alone! Is there more we can explore on the subject of how to save on toner, other than by just price? You would be surprised; there is a whole lot you can talk about. For instance, here are a few examples of how you can stretch your ink cartridge dollar:

Most printer software or the printers themselves have a warning indicator that lets you know when you are running low on toner. This in no way means your out of toner, but does indicate a bottom is near. The first way you can stretch your dollar is by taking the ink cartridge out from the printer and shake it. This will spread the toner evenly so you can substantially increase the remaining use of the cartridges life and at the same time; give you a better cost per page rate.

The second way you can save is when you are ready to print a page, scroll to your page set-up function and look to see if there is a draft mode that you can check. This uses less ink than if you were to use the "normal mode". Obviously, only use this setting when printing draft copies and not your final copy.

The third way is to stock up when you make your purchase. If you are an office that uses a lot of copier toner, making this type of bulk purchase can save you plenty as you will probably get a steeper discount for doing just that.

A fourth way is to do your homework. Check a printer's yield. You can see what yield means by clicking on this link: How to tell which printers are cost effective. Basically, what yield tells you are what it is costing you to print just one page. This kind of puts all printers on the same playing level when comparing the on-going costs of toner.

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