How Uncertainty Leads to Stress

by Peter Gitundu - Date: 2008-07-14 - Word Count: 526 Share This!

In our lives, we have found that when we are not sure of what is going to happen, we are more stressed. Uncertainty can lead to stress and there is no fact as true as this one. Many times when we have a prior knowledge of something, we tend to be more relaxed and this is easy for us so that we can be comfortable. As you walk along the road of life you will certainly discover that we have more questions than answers. This means that there are so many uncertainties that we have to form a coping mechanism which can help us go through the stress caused by an unknown tomorrow.

One of the coping mechanism that offers calm and peace to people is faith. This is a system with a different order organized to seek higher power intervention for the present and the future. Religion has therefore transformed many people who actually come with uncertainty to be told that the future can actually hold a lot to look forward to. The change of mind and attitude becomes evident and a positive outlook on life emerges. Despite the life challenges that we go through, you are promised something beyond you. It has been seen in many people who have overcome uncertainty and stress this way.

One thing we can learn from faith is that it takes a different view or perception of the world so that you can face the future without stress. Therefore, it has been seen that the answer can lie in the attitude of an individual when they decide to take each day as it comes. Sometimes, we might go through life with a lot of expectation just to be disappointed severally. When this person tries to make something out of themselves again, it will be difficult because they will associate their future with past failures. Uncertainty therefore plays a major role in causing frustration an discouragement.

A key word that is usually associated with uncertainty and stress is fear. No body has been able to conquer fear and in our daily lives, we have expressed fear and stress has been part of us because of this reason. The first thing that you can do if you want to get out of stress caused by fear is to identify what you might be fearing. Many have had fears of being fired, others fear that secrets do not come out, fear of failure is very common and this might be in business or at a personal level. Other people may fear snakes and other animals that are in their view fearful.

All these fears create a lot of uncertainty. Many experts have advised people to face their fears in order for them to overcome. Facing a fear is to recognize and identify your enemy or your problem and it is also to acknowledge that you will not allow the fear to rule your life. Many people have overcome this way. Make sure that you visit a specialist for guidance if you have stress from uncertainty. We cannot always be sure of the future but, we can take every challenge as it comes.

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