Why Giclee?

by Katherine Walters Hughes - Date: 2010-08-25 - Word Count: 281 Share This!

• This term "Giclee" is acquiring an expanding reputation around the world by the art professionals, as well as, art appreciation collectors. Giclee prints and paintings are recognized by the high quality application of color and are often used in galleries and print shops to highlight artwork.
• The highest quality is the result of using top quality paper or cotton canvas and the best software and hardware money can buy. Ink-jet digital printers with seven pigmented ink printer cartridges are used, where four colors were used in earlier technologies for reproducing prints and paints. Lastly, the reproduction is covered with a high quality varnish. Thorough research and aggressive testing is the best way to put together a Giclee production center that will meet the high standards.
• The first giclee technique produced from an original image can be saved in a file on the computer or a CD and be used again as new requests come in for the same image, on whatever size is needed, with the original raised areas of paint on the canvas or print.

Giclee reproductions create stunningly beautiful art work with precision of color and application style of the art of the original Collectors are given some options as to how they would like their Giclee of an antique print of a large vase of flowers or a portrait painted by Sargent or a poster of a current movie, on canvas or paper. The will also have various sizes to choose from to fit into your home, office or workspace. In summary, these prints and paintings are affordable Gallery quality that can be produced very quickly to fit into your home, office or workspace. This is why you want Giclee reproductions.

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