What you may not know about SPAM

by Katrina Sawa - Date: 2008-06-03 - Word Count: 460 Share This!

I'm not going to talk about how to GET RID OF SPAM in your inbox; I'm not going to talk about SPAM, the food (if you can call it that?). I'm talking about accusing others of SPAMMING.

You know I advocate doing your own ezine almost 100% of the time. And for the most part, this is a great part of your marketing. Of course we are becoming bombarded with more and more ezines, newsletters and articles and such every day in our inboxes.

Some of you (or not you, but other people...) may be just getting tired of it all right?

Well, nowadays, every actual ezine or newsletter you receive SHOULD HAVE an unsubscribe link somewhere in the body of the email to make it really easy for you to not get it anymore. If they don't, they need to (see www.spamlaws.com).

I'm not referring to regular emails people will send you to follow up from meeting you or sending you quick one-time info though, this does not fall into the same category as an ezine. As a weekly ezine author myself, I would appreciate it if you no longer want to receive my ezines (chock full of great marketing content or not) if you simply UNSUBSCRIBE from it instead of REPORTING ME AS SPAM.

Did you know that each time you dump or move someone's email from your inbox to your 'spam box' that YOU'VE JUST REPORTED THEM AS A SPAMMER?

Now, that's just not very nice is it? How hard is it to simply unsubscribe really? I mean, the sender probably did meet you out somewhere and thought you'd honestly want to receive their info. Either way, we are all just trying to do business, not to get you angry. Therefore, can't you just be nice and simply unsubscribe and NOT REPORT THEM?

Reporting them as spam actually hurts a business and I'm sure if you knew you were 'hurting' them online, you would not do it, right?

That's all I wanted to say. I've been 'reported' a few times since I started my ezines almost 4 years ago, not a lot, but enough to take offense. Especially since I specifically ask everyone I meet if they want my ezine with free marketing tips and networking calendar and they always say yes. If I don't talk about it to them when I'm out, then I send them a follow up email suggesting they sign up. It's not my fault if they DON'T REMEMBER???

I'm one of the honest ones of course and there are some that aren't but for all of those dishonest people or people who may have gotten your email through another source - KARMA WILL GET THEM!

Thanks for listening and please be respectful of others and you will earn respect from them in return.

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