Shopping And Dining In Munich

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I could feel my brains bursting with the stress of business meeting and really needed to have some fun. A colleague's advice almost fell on deaf ears but for the proximity of Munich to our site and the prospect of having cheap holidays. Well, I booked a flight to Munich, more out of curiosity than certainty. I mean, if I was thinking of the cheapest holidays Munich wouldn't have been on my mind.

One of the first things I noted about the Munich, apart from its excellent International Airport is the cluster of hotels around easily accessible areas like the train stations. This suited me perfectly well given that I was just in town for a breeze. It was also almost immediately obvious that the people of Munich are prosperous and they show it in their spending pattern. I learnt that Munich beat the average annual per capita purchasing power of Germany by 37% in 2008…I guess that explains it. Additionally, it seems that studies have shown that Munich is the preferred destination of most Germans for residence. Now, that got me thinking more about the city which is obviously a part of Germany's richest region.
I got into town on a weekend and I really needed to pick up a few things but then the laws do not permit the shops to remain open after 8 p.m. I had to head to the Munich Airport Center which luckily is located at the International Airport and has shops that are allowed to stay open even when others have closed.

The next day came with a lot of promise and I was anxious to see more of Munich and delve into their shopping world. I started with the lower scale shops which are located at the Underground shopping center located at Karlsplatz. By lower scale, I mean the wares there are less pricey. It was pretty nice window shopping and mingling with a rather wide spectrum of Munich's populace. Schäfflerhof is another shopping destination but this time, catering to more upscale customers, the same as Fünf Höfe. If you have a deep pocket, it will be well accommodated here.

Food was also on agenda so I found my way to Hofbräuhaus where the buffet served in their Festival Hall was simply nice. The prices are also reasonable with a lot of company to go with it. The next day, I decided eat something 'local'. I had dreamt of sausages and schnitzels and woke up hungry with only one place on my mind; Unions-Bräu-Haidhausen. This establishment is run by a family and they bring that orientation to bear on their services apart from the fact that their prices are very reasonable. I had been wondering what to take back to my friend who had recommended that I visit Munich and I settled for some really tasty apple-walnut cake from Rischart. She loved every bite of it.

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