French Food for Fat Loss

by Chiedza Machingaidze - Date: 2007-01-05 - Word Count: 391 Share This!

Ever tried to shop for clothes in a French boutique? You fast discover that anything above a size 8 is non-existent! So have French women mastered the secrets to staying slim? Despite over indulging in foods such as pastries, cheese breads, creamy desserts, butter and wine. We look at these as our vice. They look at them as their virtue.

The first problem is that we have become food fearing, avoiding it at all costs, and eating in such a rush when we must. To us food will make you fat, ugly and damage your heart. Carbohydrates are foul and fattening, rather than fuel for our bodies. The French relish every morsel, and indulge in the very foods that we've banned from our cupboards, but they don't get fat.

The second problem is our increasing processed food intake. We've ditched natural whole foods for fake food, all in the name of convenience and saving a few calories. We've veered away from the natural food chain and turn to Roll-ups and other products with "cheez" in them. Do you really think that cheese with a 'z' in it is real cheese? Our moto should be "If it's not food, don't eat it."

French women eat fresh foods. Fruits and vegetables are bought fresh from the market and breads are considered stale after one day. Their intake of prepackaged, frozen foods is minimal. On the other hand, we will fill our fridges with stale fruit, vegetables, breads, and preservative drenched frozen foods.

What we drink impacts our weight just as much as what we eat. In America, most of our meals are accompanied by soft drinks, which contain almost nothing natural in them. Yes the French also drink coffee which is a large part of the American diet, but the French usually drink small cups compared with the extremely large servings you can get from Starbucks. Water is very important and so it should be in every diet.

And finally we bust the chocolate myth. Chocolate is a large part of the French diet. Again, moderation is key. Chocolate contains cancer-fighting antioxidants. You can satisfy your sweet tooth when your little heart desires. Just don't over do it.

So its not a matter of completely banning fats and the like from your diet. Its a matter of making healthy natural choices and enjoying our food instead of fearing it.

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