French Kissing-Tips To Give Your Partner The Perfect Kiss

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In a survey 90% of women said that they wanted more kissing and noted it is one of their favorite signs of affection, but how to you give the perfect French kiss?

Anyone can give a great French kiss and that's what this article is all about.

Don't think French kissing is just for teenagers its 0one of the most expressive acts you can do to show your love and desire for your partner.

Kissing can express a whole manner of emotions including:

Friendship, emotional connection or can be a sexual action, as in the French kiss.

Before we look at what goes into a great French kiss and how to give the perfect one lets review a few basic points.

What is a French kiss?

A French kiss is sexual by nature and is a kiss where the tongue is put inside your partner's mouth and they do the same to you.

French kiss basics

To start tilt your head to one side and your partner will do the same, this of course allows tongues to enter the mouth and avoids noses clashing.

If you want your partner to want to give you a French kiss in the first place make sure you practice good oral hygiene and have regular dental check ups.

If you don't do this, your partner may not want to kiss you in the first place!

A Personal expression

The mouth creates a smile and that is an expression of emotion and passion we communicate everyday with our smiles and words.

When we get to French kiss communication is raised to a different, highly personal level and this is why

French kissing is such a turn on for everyone.

Here are tips to help you enjoy the perfect French kiss.

1. Relax and enjoy

If you are nervous and are tense, you become stiff and this will ruin a kiss as this will translate to your partner. To enjoy a French kiss you must be relaxed.

When you're worried you won't be able to concentrate correctly and all great French kissing involves concentrating simply on the kiss.

If you relax you can go with the moment and respond naturally to the person you are kissing which makes a natural connection and they will respond.

3. Variety

Vary your kissing so your partner does not know exactly what will come next so experiment with the speed and pressure of your kisses.

4. Coming up for air

You will need to come up for air now and again but use these moments to kiss lightly other areas such as one of the most erotic zones of all the neck.

5. Use your whole body

Use your hands on the back of your partner and on their buttocks and move your body.

There is nothing more of a turn off, than to kiss someone who is stiff and that's why it is important to be relaxed as we stated earlier.

4. Let it flow

The best kisses have a natural flow between you and your partner.

They vary from gentle, to aggressive mouth and tongue contact, with pauses for breath.

When you French kiss someone and your both relaxed and concentrating on the moment the kiss will simply develop naturally.

What makes a perfect French kisser?

Its simple.

It's a natural flow of emotion and desire between you and your partner they points to keep in mind you must be relaxed to lose yourself in the moment, you need to respond to your partner and you need to add variety.

Last but not least, use your whole body to communicate not just your mouth.

If you do the above, you will enjoy the perfect French kiss.

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