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by Al Isaacs - Date: 2007-03-01 - Word Count: 466 Share This!

Replacing your current car or truck interior is a great way to add a terrific customized look. Whether you want to upgrade your vehicle to make it look like you sprung for the more expensive model, or you want to personalize your seat with a two-tone look, suede finish, embossing or embroidery, a custom leather interior will do the trick!

1: Consider price. The old adage, "You get what you pay for," is definitely the case when it comes to leather upholstery. We highly recommend Katzkin leather interiors for their amazing looks, great durability, and vast array of options.

2: Knowledge of your vehicle. There's an interior out there for every car, but not every kit will fit your car! Subtle differences in models of the same vehicle call for different kit numbers. Do you have bucket seats> Benches in the back? Are the cushions solid or '50/50'? It all makes a big difference - especially when you consider each interior kit is custom made for you vehicle (read: not returnable!)

3: Choose your colors wisely! We speak with folks everyday who are ready to pick 'grey' as their interior. That's what their vehicle manufacturer calls it. OK, but which grey? Stone, graphite, ash, charcoal, pebble? See what I mean! Contact a representative to find out the recommended factory match for your car. It may not seem like there is much of a difference, but once it is installed and you're looking at the seat belt up against your new seats you'll see that any variation will stick out immensely!

We also recommend getting a leather sample book first. Trusting your computer monitor to pick out a color that you have to live with is a mighty brave bet...and one I wouldn't take.

4: Heated Seats? Not a bad idea, and now would be the time to do it. They're perfect to install along with one of these kits - not so perfect to try later on. For comfort and a therapeutic benefit, not to mention a reasonable cost that you might not expect, it's an option worth considering.

5: Installation. We sell installation kits everyday that include all the tools necessary to install everything from the seat covers to the matching door panel material. Do we recommend you doing it yourself? If you are handy, patient, cautious, adventurous, patient, and mechanically inclined then maybe. But we highly recommend looking up an upholsterer in your area. Let's face it - they have a ton of experience and know all those little tricks to get your new leather to look like it just rolled out of the factory.

For comfort, style, and resale value all we can say is GO LEATHER!

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