Car Racing

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Car racing, a form of motor racing involving cars built to combine aspects of racing and touring cars. Although there are many conflicting definitions of sports cars, it is usually conceded that in normal production form they do not resemble Grand Prix (Formula I) racing machines. Whereas the latter is a design carrying spartan cockpit furnishings and utterly functional equipment throughout, the sports car is usually a two- seater, sometimes a four, characterized by its nimble abilities (if not speed and power) together with general suitability for high- speed touring on ordinary roads. Unlike a Grand Prix car, it is usually series-produced,handmade. Some manufacturers of Grand Prix machines, such as Ferrari and Lotus, also make sports cars. Other makes include MG, Jaguar, Aston Martin, AustinI Healey, Triumph, Porsche, Lancia, Morgan, and Chevrolet Corvette. Although not usually designed exclusively for racing, sports cars are nevertheless able racing machines and are often entered in competitions with their own kind, Most of the world's sports-car racing is conducted for amateur drivers by local and regional organizations. Some of the world's tccsctcam cot taesng, tsptciaiy in suc'n important as Mans, where the reputations of manufacturers are very much at stake, has brought about some prototype sports cars that are, in reality, little different in their power and speed potentials from Formula I machines. A world sports-car championship was awarded from 1953 to 1961. It was replaced in 1962 by a manufacturer's championship, for which grand touring and prototype cars also compete, awarded annually to the make of car that achieves the best record in a specified series of races.

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