6 Signs Of A Cheating Wife

by Andrew Bicknell - Date: 2006-12-30 - Word Count: 585 Share This!

When you get that first inkling that something may be wrong with your marriage do you know the signs that you may have a cheating wife? If the signs are there it might be time to circle the wagons and make a decision as to how to handle the situation. Unfortunately handling a wife's infidelity is a emotional issue and for many men is something they don't even want to think about, let alone deal with. What you decide to do is entirely personal, no matter the advice one may get from family, friends and co-workers. Knowing the signs of a cheating wife at the very least gives you a head start on where your marriage may be going and how to best protect yourself emotionally and financially.

1. Changes in appearance - This one can go both ways. While it just may be nothing more than a change in her attitude about herself and how she wants to look it can also be a warning sign that she wants to look good for someone else. If she suddenly changes her hairstyle, has her nails done and dresses more provocatively you need to be worried why, particularly if you notice new lingerie in the laundry that she hasn't ever worn for you.

2. Diminished intimacy - Not only in the bedroom but in daily life as well. If you used to have the kind of relationship where you and your wife shared and talked about everything and she begins to distance herself from you there may be a problem that you need to investigate. In the bedroom she may no longer show any interest in being intimate with you or if she does she displays a whole new sexual repertoire and interest in new things. This can be good if it's something you've talked about, but if it just starts to happen for no apparent reason it can be a sign that she is learning new things somewhere else.

3. Less arguing and fighting - If your wife is not only distancing herself from you on an intimate level but also you notice you are not arguing with her as much as you used to it can be a sign she isn't interested in what you are doing whether it's good or bad in her mind.

4. Disinterest in family - Loss of interest in family functions and spending less time with not only you and the kids but with her extended family as well. This can be a sign of trying to hide whatever she's doing on the sly.

5. More phone and internet - If she's spending more time on the phone but out of earshot or late nights on the internet when you are asleep or doesn't want you around while she's doing whatever it is she's doing online can be a sign of a cheating wife.

6. Changes in children's behavior - If you have kids strange changes in their behavior can be a signal. It's not that they know the truth of what's going on but they are very perceptive to changes in their parent's behavior and will react to these changes in emotional and physical ways.

These are six good signs that your wife may be cheating. Each one taken alone may not mean much but if you notice 2 or more of these signs it is time to start thinking about taking some sort of action to find out the truth. Nobody wants to find out their wife is cheating on them but sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

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