Can You Still Be Friends With An X-Girlfriend?

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Strangeness is a part of our helps us to cope up with all kinds of situations. Even if you encounter opposition in due course of your life, you can easily sort them out by your presence of mind and experience. In reality, we lose friends not merely by our faults, but of unfriendly circumstances too. If you have ever mistaken to leave your girlfriend alone in the way of life, do not make the same mistake again by overlooking her through the rest part of your life. Your new girl friend may have made a way into your soul, but that doesn't mean that you will completely forget your old flame. New girl friend may seem diamond to your heart, but to wear that diamond you need gold, which surely replicates the idea of your old girl friend.

So, there is no point in discussing about the idea whether it is good to have any relationship with x-girlfriend or not. You should always keep good relationship with your x-girlfriend. Since, there are multiple facilities of keeping in touch with x-girlfriends, we should not try to spoil it at any cost. People may think that an x-girlfriend would create problem in social life and also can bring misfortune for your new life partner. But, actually, it is just the opposite. As you know her extremely well, you would not find any problem in satisfying her. You are well aware of her needs and expectations, which will help you to deal with her more freely. You may think that every relationship revolves around ‘'Give and Take'' policy and your x-girlfriend only comes to you to meet her needs. Yes!!! You are right, but to some extent. She comes to you to fulfill her physical and mental demands, because she is your friend. If you position yourself in place of your girlfriend, you would realize what loneliness costs. To drive away loneliness your x-girlfriend may come to you; and you should reciprocate well to that situation.

In reality, keeping good relationships with your x-girlfriend would definitely not hamper your social life. She is well aware of the fact that someone has taken her position in your life. If she really loves you, she would not come to interfere, but would definitely help you to prosper in life. She may come to you to carry on a secret relationship, which your new girlfriend may not be aware of. Whenever you get time, meet your x-girlfriend and fulfill her desire. Arouse her sexually if she intends to become so and give her mental support if she needs so. Your present lover may be out of your house for some specific reason. Now, make the most out of the opportunity. Invite your x-girlfriend at your own place and gift heavenly pleasure to her. No matter how much you enjoy with her, never disclose it to your present girlfriend. Secrecy will pay you a lot of thing.

Actually, every relationship that a man or woman once creates does remain part of their lives forever. It is simply impossible to get rid off people who have been once close to you. You can found hundreds of examples where x-friends are in touch with each other despite one or both being in new relationships. In most of the cases, the conversation may be friendly or intimate, but it is not the same as between husband and wife. It can rather be compared to tête-à-tête between two old friends. The most important factor that plays a role in such situations is jealousy. Your old girlfriend may be jealous of the relationship that you have formed with your new counterpart. But the situation can be easier for you if you have self-confidence and trust on your x-girlfriend. Spare some time for your ex pal and let her maintain a friendly relation with you and your family. It will definitely enhance your emotional health, which ultimately pays in the long run.

If your present girlfriend is aware of the fact that you had a healthy relationship with another girl, she may ask you to cut off relationship with your old pal. But, she may even say something positive regarding your relationship. If she allows you to continue the same relationship that you had cherished earlier, you would surely be the happiest person in the world. In the last few years, many celebrities have set up examples of enjoying good relationships with their old girlfriend or boy friend. They are enjoying their present associations and also have good understanding with their old friends. If they can would also be able to continue two relations at the same time. If you can do so, nobody would be happier than you and the world may seem a better place.

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