5 Choices for Your Anti Aging Skin Care Program

by Margaret Bell - Date: 2008-07-22 - Word Count: 484 Share This!

Anti aging skin care products are becoming very numerous. Here we will consider 5 possible treatments for your antiaging skin care program.

!. Whitening
2. Restorative Antiaging Skin Cream
3. Eye Contour Gel
4. Hydrating Mask
5. Cleansing Mask

Do you really need to use all of the above? Let us find out.


You may not need whitening if your natural skin tone is just right for you.  The reason we include it as potentially part of your anti aging skin care program is because some people with fair skin develop dark spots or age spot as they are sometimes called.  Also skin could have uneven tones.

Always choose the type of anti aging skin cream that has no abrasives or harsh chemicals.  The best choice that I found contained a natural herbal  extract found in Europe that would inhibit melanin production and reduce irritation that sometimes happens when skin becomes thinner.

Restorative Antiaging Skin Cream

Virtually everyone needs a restorative anti aging skin cream at bedtime.  When you are fast asleep your body repairs all of your cells (including skin cells) that during the day were damaged.

Find a skin cream that has no colors, fragrances or alcohol.  You want no damaging chemicals on your skin.  But you do want a anti aging skin care cream  that supports the collagen, elastin and skin cell production.

Eye Contour Gel

For the best anti aging skin care program, an eye contour gel is highly recommended. A dead give away when guessing someone's age is things like crows feet, bags and tiny lines.  Eyes are often caused to be irritated and itch because some gels have alcohol.  The best antiaging skin cream for the area around the eyes is one that contains the latest European ingredients.

As you become a little older,  your skin becomes more sensitive to scrubbing.  Exfoliating can actually remove healthy skin. 

Hydrating Mask

Your daily moisturizers work better and more efficiently with the help of an antiaging skin care hydrating mask.  Your entire body needs to be hydrated. In most any moisturizer or antiaging skin cream the primary ingredient is purified water, which is fine, but research has revealed new substances that allow you to "retain" that water, so your skin stays moister, longer.  The result is softer and healthier looking.

Antiaging Cleansing Mask

To remove dead skin cells and prevent black heads, acne and pimples a deep cleansing mask will do the job. Acne can come at almost any age, especially if your health and skin care program is not up to par. Be sure to choose a product that contains no chemicals or harsh ingredients.

The best choice for an antiaging skin cream mask is New Zealand mineral clay.  It revitalizes and soothes.  The result is softer and smoother. You probably will have a hard time finding it in a reliable product.  I finally did after a lot of searching.  But I can assure you that once I did, it was worth it by the great results I get.

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