Planning A 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

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If you're planning a 50th wedding anniversary party for your parents or close friends, there are a few things to consider. Since gold is the traditional symbol for a 50th wedding anniversary, you'll likely want to incorporate gold into the décor. You can do that inexpensively with gold ribbon, gold candles, or by adding gold stars to ivory candles.

Although you won't have any trouble assembling a guest list just because the couple has had 50 years to accumulate friends and associates, this is the perfect kind of party for a small, intimate gathering. If you invite 6 or 8 couples, there will be time to go around the room and listen to each other tell stories about the golden couple.

When you are planning a 50th wedding anniversary party, you have to choose whether it will be a surprise to the golden couple or if they will be in on the planning. Unless you are very close to them, it isn't advisable for this kind of party to be a surprise. Women, especially start dreaming about planning a 50th wedding anniversary party much like they once dreamed of getting married in the first place. She or they might have plans of what kind of party they would like this to be.

Did you know you can request greetings from the White House for the occasion? For people who are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary or their 80th birthday and beyond, the White House will send a card signed by the president for the happy occasion. They ask that you send your request six weeks before the event and they will send the greeting out ten days before the event.

If you have access to memorabilia, a scrapbook detailing their 50 years together would make a wonderful gift. Old pictures, accomplishments, mementoes, highs and even some lows could be chronicled here. A video would also make a great gift as would a video of the party. A short skit based on some aspect of the couple's life together could serve as the entertainment. You also want to leave time for toasts and warn guests ahead of time that you'll be calling on them to toast the special couple.

Presents can be a sticky subject. Some people choose to ask for donations to a favorite charity in lieu of gifts. Some people still bring a gift. There's no right or wrong answer on this. As you are planning a 50th wedding anniversary party, keep the wishes of the golden couple in mind and try to honor any requests they have made.

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