How to Improve your PvP Skills in World of Warcraft

by Will Kalif - Date: 2007-01-29 - Word Count: 681 Share This!

Player versus player action in World of Warcraft is very exciting and one of the best ways to obtain some of the best equipment and armor in the game. There are some simple things you can do to dramatically increase your skill in this aspect of the game.

Relaxed Play

This is, hands down, the most important thing you can do when playing pvp action in warcraft. Try to take the long-term view that you will be in hundreds of combat situations and you will be resurrected hundreds of times. So don't worry about this. Focus on what you will learn in the combat encounters. Try to think of your next hundred resurrections as a learning experience. Combat in Warcraft is very frantic and often only lasts five to fifteen seconds. If you are calm during these encounters you will be able to make clear decisions and choose effective spells, buffs, and damage skills.

Set up your tool bar for PvP action

Player versus player action is much different than normal game play and you have to use a very different set of skills to be successful with it. One of the dramatic differences is the need to capture and control your opponent. When playing against a game generated beast or humanoid you typically stand and fight and the movements of the foe are predictable. But if you face another player you may be facing running, jumping, circling, toe-to-toe bashing and a whole host of weapons and spells. So you have got to tailor your defense and offense to this very different set of challenges. I recommend you set up at least three different sets of tools for pvp. The first set would be for facing tanks and close fighters where you would focus on breaking down defense and dealing fast damage. The second tool bar would be for the ranged fighters where you would want to slow, stun, control, close in and deal damage. The third tool bar set up would be for large melee action where there are a lot of players in a small area. You would set up a lot of area of effect spells that would damage multiple opponents and buff multiple allies.

Set up a routine that you practice and use on every encounter

I play a warrior so I have a routine that I do upon first encounter. It is a charge, a hamstring, a step through and turn, then a heroic strike. In a few keyboard strokes I have stunned, slowed, and dealt signinficant damage to my opponent before he has even had a chance to respond. You should set yourself up a series of keyboard strokes and practice them over and over again until it is flawless.

Use the Game Resources

A lot of people approach pvp in a haphazard way but understanding some of the options of the game is something you really should do. It will dramatically improve your playing. Make sure that in the game play options screen you set display enemy cast bar to on. This will allow you to see what spell your targeted enemy is about to cast. And when you are in the cemetary waiting to be resurrected be sure to take a look at your combat log so you can understand what type of damage you took during the melee. This will help you to decide which armor, weapons, rings, and trinkets will be best for you.

Player versus player action in World of Warcraft is fast and furious. It is also the only way to get some of the best armor and weapons in the game. You can significantly improve how fast you get these items by staying calm, setting up your tool bar correctly, and using the resources that come with the game.

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