The Politically Incorrect Tee

by Sarika Kabra - Date: 2008-10-24 - Word Count: 511 Share This!

There are political Tees, (to make a statement about the environment, democracy, freedom, war and peace or the electoral candidate you wish to support) and then there is the politically incorrect t shirt design which could be a rude t shirt, a funny tshirt, or just an offensive t shirt. Everyone wants to make a statement of some sort: teens do it to express rebellion and to be non conformist, a recently divorced man wants to make an anti feminist statement, etc. Sometimes you just want to make a politically incorrect statement for the heck of it; it can be a bit bugging that everyone around is so politically correct, everyone is so concerned about treading on any tender toes and is so busy minding their P's and Q's, they forget to laugh at themselves!

Witness how people refrain from calling a spade a spade: you can no longer call a retarded person by that term, you can only say that so and so is ‘special' or ‘intellectually challenged' or use similar polite and inoffensive terms. It is perhaps as a backlash to all this forced politeness that tee shirt designs such as this came to be: Arguing with you is like running a race in the Special Olympics, you might win but in the end you are still a retard!

Some environmentalist and conservationists can rather belabor a point to an extent that it can be tiresome; a lot of them do tend to take themselves and their cause rather too seriously. There is therefore that temptation to mock a person who takes themselves that seriously. So a tshirt design, featuring a leaping dolphin with the words, Dolphins taste like Tuna would effectively make the statement that someone is being rather tediously overzealous about their dolphin conservation program.

A newly divorced man can get away with making an anti-wife statement like I got this shirt for my wife (Awesome Trade) but I really doubt if a married man would be permitted to don a t shirt that said something like this!

You can even make a statement that shows how fed up you are with every one being Oh - so - politically correct. Wear a tee shirt design that proclaims, quite simply, or perhaps issues a warning: I am NOT Politically correct or wear one that says Why be Politically Correct when you can Right! Then there are those tee shirt designs which basically tell people not to be too sensitive: FREEDOM I have the right to Free Speech, You have the right to be offended! We both get what we want!

Actually when one is faced by humor in the form of funny tshirts one cannot remain on their high horse without appearing churlish and is forced to unbend a little. So you can design your own t shirt, be it funny or be it any other kind to make your own personal statement. Design a t shirt contests permit you to be as creative and as politically incorrect as you may desire! So go ahead and design a tshirt!

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