Tips For Making Website Submissions to Yahoo

by T. Pierce - Date: 2008-09-24 - Word Count: 552 Share This!

A lot has been said about getting higher rankings in Google, and virtual space is literally overflowing with information detailing how you should make website submissions to Google, get a higher Pagerank and higher Google rankings ad infinitum. However, in the bargain of submitting to Google, many webmasters forget the second most important search engine on the internet-Yahoo. When it comes to people looking for certain information and products, then Yahoo also has a dedicated clientele that cannot be ignored when making search engine submissions. A small yet comprehensive guide about getting listed in Yahoo is as follows:

• The first thing that you need to do before you submit to Yahoo is to analyze whether your webpage actually has original and valuable content. Pages that focus on human beings rather than search engines are appreciated by Yahoo and as a result, you will rank higher if you provide good content interspersed with useful hyperlinks and accurate meta tags.

• The key to getting higher rankings in Yahoo search results is to submit your webpage to the most apt category available. When making website submissions to Yahoo, make it a point to locate the correct category for your website, since this would help in getting your site listed quickly and easily.

• When making web site submissions to Yahoo or even when making other search engine submissions, make it a point to adhere to all their rules and regulations. Search engines can afford to be quite pricey and ignoring a small rule or by rule can get your site blacklisted.

• A particular idiosyncrasy related to Yahoo is that the search engine condemns the use of promotional copy on websites. As a result, you might face problems getting your site listed if it is full of promotional words like best, cheapest and unrivalled when making web site submissions to Yahoo.

• Most search engine bots have become quite savvy and are undoubtedly becoming savvier by the day. Avoid keyword stuffing on your site since this will only create problems for getting your sites listed with search engines. Make sure that you have a low keyword density and that your text makes sense to human beings before making search engine submissions.

• When making search engine submissions to Yahoo, you will need to provide them with correct information since the provision of any kind of misinformation regarding your business; its policies and procedures will be taken as fraud. So be doubly careful while filling out search engine submission forms and double check the information that you provide to prevent any future problems.

• Yahoo requires that you provide them with a physical business address, instead of just a mailing one. This is a good thing too since it keeps scammers out.

• Remember that your site will not be looked upon favorably if you have links on link farms and if you have resorted to paid linking. The same case applies if you have your back links on sites that are blacklisted. Excessive keyword stuffing and content duplication will also lead you nowhere when you are making search engine submissions. Apart from these, you should also avoid using any cloaking techniques or methods that will temporarily inflate your search engine rankings, and hopefully, you will be able to make search engine submissions that get you high search engine rankings in Yahoo.

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