Book Review of "Barbecues and Other Outdoor Feasts"

by Emily McDonald - Date: 2007-02-12 - Word Count: 297 Share This!

Hugo Arnold obviously enjoyed writing this book about picnic and barbecue food. I certainly enjoyed reading it. It is a book to enjoy the stories in, not just use recipes from. His passion for eating outdoors comes across on every page and I found that very contagious.

He enjoys food, whether eaten in the open air or not, I would think. He describes it well and he doesn't just write recipes, he helps you imagine the touch and smell of the ingredients, often offers alternatives, and leads you to an understanding of what the end result will taste like.

The recipes themselves must be applauded because I found them imaginative and varied. From sandwiches to sushi, from pizza to poached tongue, and from corn-on-the-cob to char-grilled squid, each one makes your mouth water.

Like me, Arnold grew up in Ireland, and picnics were a fundamental part of every summer. The recipes are international though, with ideas he has picked up from all over Europe, as well as locations like Latin America, India and Japan.

Take a look at one of the wonderful photographs and you just want to tuck in! Georgia Glynn Smith's shots are colourful and inspirational; just what you need to encourage you to pick up your pinny and get cooking!

Considering barbecues feature in the title, maybe there could be more on this particular aspect of eating outdoors. Just 28 of the 158 pages cover this topic. However, I notice it was first published in 1998, under the title "Outdoor Feasts" by Kyle Cathie Ltd.

Whether you enjoy barbecues, outdoor feasts or just plain picnics, I'm sure you will enjoy reading, and cooking with, this book as much as I did.

The paperback version of "Barbecues and other outdoor feasts" by Hugo Arnold was published in 2004 by Kyle Cathie Ltd

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