Ways to Build Your Body's Endurance to Build Up Your Cardio Workout

by Jesse Miller - Date: 2008-06-22 - Word Count: 451 Share This!

Exercising can be a pain if you're not prepared for it. There are also days when it seems that you just don't have the energy to stick to your cardio. For these reasons you can do a few things to build your body's endurance to build up your Cardio workout.

Following these simple tips give you the much needed boost to keep your endurance levels high during your workout:

1.Before working out eat your snacks first. Pre-workout snacks if planned and prepared properly help give you energy during workouts. They usually consist of non-fat protein bars with low carbs. Newer research however states that loading on good carbs such as whole grains together with protein prior to exercise gives you more energy boost than just protein alone. You can prepare your own healthy snacks beforehand and it gives you variety rather than just munching on those protein bars. Just remember, no bad fat allowed.

2.Control is the key: Breathe in, breathe out through the nose. Breathing in and out through your nose keeps you in control of your heart rate and improves your endurance. This may be hard to do but you have to practice it. For some people breathing in through the nose and slowly letting out the air through the mouth is more comfortable. This is acceptable so long as breathing is controlled and you are not letting air out as if you were panting.

3.Be consistent and build up your cardio slowly but surely. Don't push your body too fast or you'll find you've run out of gas in record time. Rather give your body time to adjust to the activity and it'll give you back the energy you need to progress to higher levels. Start at a comfortable level and see how your body reacts. Just be consistent with your workout schedule and increasing your levels slowly and you'll find that you're doing more cardio exercise than you expected. You'll be surprised at your own energy levels once your body gets used to the activity.

4.Give your body some time to rest and recover it's energy. In order for you to maximize your energy levels, give your body time to rest and replenish itself between workouts. Don't abuse it by sleeping late or drinking alcohol or eating junk food, these tend to put unnecessary stress on your body and give you empty calories that end up getting you fatter and easily tired!

Cardio workouts are tiring, and you'll find that much effort is needed especially if you've just started. Just stick to your workout schedule and you'll find out soon enough that exercising is actually giving you back your energy. You'll be able to go for longer than what you're used to!


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