A Great Approach For Moving Your Property

by Gary Nelson - Date: 2008-10-04 - Word Count: 619 Share This!

Selling a property has become a very difficult task in today's real estate market, therefore, other avenues and different approaches must be taken in order to stand a fighting chance in this soft economy and housing crisis. Lowering the price and making numerous upgrades simply isn't enough anymore, because not only is this stressful and time consuming it also puts a serious strain on ones budget and makes it so much more difficult to get by. Many for sale by owner (FSBO's) fail to realize a very feasible option that is available and is staring them straight in the face, rent to own! This is an option that few people tend to think about simply because it may seem like too much of a risk and may take too much time to get where one needs to be.

The reason homes are not moving in this housing crisis is because buyers aren't spending the money needed to buy a home, and the reason behind this is prices for everything are rising and salaries are staying the same. This is the reason everyone thinks twice before making any purchase, this is the reason people no longer spend their weekends at operas and extravagant restaurants because affording such things isn't that simple anymore. Therefore, for a person to even consider taking on a 30 year mortgage and putting down more than thirty thousand dollars on a home is just not an option, therefore, people look for properties they can rent. Renting a home is a lot cheaper, a person doesn't have to take any money out of their pocket aside from the first month's rent and security deposit, and renting a home or apartment or condo for a period of time makes a person grow an attachment towards that property; not to mention all the available properties for rent on the market which can be seen all across the internet, and one of the websites where these properties can be found is ListingVUE.com. This is why rent to own should be the first option on a sellers mind.

For starters, assuming you can come to an agreement on a good renting price, you will have your mortgage payment covered, you can even cover your utilities for that property if your payment isn't ridiculously high. Paying for a second mortgage will seem like you're paying for one mortgage; it can even become an investment if you have a person renting your property for a long period of time. When a person or family rents a property for a long time that family will grow attached to their home and will be more inclined to purchase one or two years down the road. Presenting a family with the idea of owning a home after they have rented it for a long period of time will be much easier than doing so from the get go. Nobody said being the landlord of a property is easy; taking care of any all problems that may arise with the property is a big responsibility, but these same problems will be your problems even if you live in that home. Renting out a property with the hopes of selling it will grow equity on that property, a sort of investment, and the housing crisis and soft economy may even get better at the end of the rent term.

Rent to own is a great option that will undoubtedly eliminate the stress that is upon so many people when thinking about what to do with their home on the market which isn't being sold. Rent to own will provide the necessary financial cushion that is so vital for people today, therefore, before selling your property think about renting it first.

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