Making Coffee The Old Fashioned Way

by Gene Smith - Date: 2007-02-11 - Word Count: 271 Share This!

There was an old gentleman in Monterey who invited me to his home. I remember he had a vegetable garden outback and beautiful landscaping.

This fellow was an engineer at the Postgraduate School where I, as a sailor, was a photographer. I had done some official projects with him. And he was returning my good work with kindness.

This pleasurable even was many years ago.

He showed me how to make coffee like he used to make in Italy.

First, he heated a small amount of water in a pan on the stove. He told me not to let the water boil. Just let the water get the small bubble all around, then turn off the heat.

Secondly, he added a small measure of coffee grounds to the almost boiling water. I believe he used about two tablespoons for two cups. It's been a long time. You may have to experiment on this point to get that perfect cup.

Thirdly, he carefully and slowly stirred the water but just for a few seconds. He lit the mixture sit for about one minute.

He pointed out that the top of the coffee mixture had a "cream". He said that this was essential. To those of you who enjoy a good espresso, you know you have to have that "cream" looking stuff on top or you just don't have a good cup of coffee.

Carefully, he slowly pored out the coffee into two cups. Very few ground were in the bottom.

His coffee was delicious that day. And I must say, I've only made it several times since that day forty-two years ago. But I still enjoy a good cup of coffee!

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Gene Smith is an Ezine writer from West Virginia. He hold a B.A. He has enjoyed coffee in many countries, many times and prepared in many ways. He lives with his wife, Nita near Charles Town. (c)2007 Gene Smith

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