Cancer Cure is Available But Your Doctors Won't Tell You About It.

by Laurence Magne - Date: 2007-03-07 - Word Count: 524 Share This!

The public is warned against getting information from the internet on curing cancer. New headlines blared that cancer sites posed a health risk. The real reason the media are attacking cancer websites is because the internet is the only place people can go to actually learn the truth about the cancer industry and cures for cancer that don't involve chemotherapy, surgeries, or other radical procedures offered by western medicine. Organized medicine is learning the hard way that people are educating themselves about cancer and about alternatives to treating this disease, and that scares the industry because it threatens profits. Ideally what the industry wants is a form of censorship -- they want websites to be flagged to indicate which ones are "official" cancer websites. What's amazing about all this is the level of ignorance they show when they say there is no evidence that any complementary treatment can prevent cancer. In fact, there is a tremendous amount of evidence. And much of that evidence is published in traditional medical journals - so far there is compelling evidence showing nutritional approaches to both preventing and reversing cancer. There are a great number of complementary treatments that are proven not only to be effective, but far more effective than anything that western medicine can offer. Survival rates for cancers treated by western medicine of patients undergoing chemotherapy are measured in months, not even years. In fact, chemotherapy is largely a fraud. There is no evidence that chemotherapy increases overall lifespan at all. Chemotherapy is only measured a success by the degree to which it shrinks tumors, and tumor shrinkage is not strongly correlated with enhanced life expectancy of the patient.

That's because cancer is not a local disease, it is a system disorder -- it is a failure of the patient's immune system and it is present throughout the body, not just in one place that can be surgically removed. Chemotherapy destroys a patient's immune system, and this is precisely the opposite of what needs to take place in order to prevent cancer. A patient's immune system needs to be boosted through mind-body medicine, nutritional therapies, physical exercise, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and other forms of therapy.

The cancer industry wants to prevent new treatments that actually work but are suppressed at every opportunity. Today, people who are diagnosed with cancer have no better survival rate than a person who avoids western medicine treatments. In fact, there are people who change their lifestyle, who learn about nutrition, take anti-cancer herbs. Alternative medicine and natural healing approaches are inexpensive: they are safe to use, they are widely used throughout the world, and they've been proven safe through thousands of years of effective use by various populations of the world who know far more about medicine and healing than our so-called "high-tech" system of modern medicine.

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