Love for the Game of Tennis

by Jennifer Seaton - Date: 2008-07-07 - Word Count: 470 Share This!

The sport is one of the most notorious activities of group. It brings together people. It makes the people informed of other'the strong and weak remarks of S. The sport also has a manner of bringing narrower people. Many couples around the world met in the field of sports. While competing with the ones against the others, people start to form attractions and with being in love even. Competition and the competition in the sports are transformed sometimes into a whole series different of emotions, which then becomes obvious and is indicated in the peripheries of the field of sports.

Tennis is an obvious example in this matter. Many boys and girls meet initially with the field of tennis. Even if they aren'T as beautiful as Maria Sharapova, or play with such a physical resistance like Roger Federer, they always catch the attention of the viewers, plunging in the history of love, which starts in the set of tennis. There is more than several examples with this phenomenon; I will call two.

In an old American film that nobody "Nobody's perfect" a type (played by Chad Lowe) of the falls in the love with a girl (played by Gail O Grady'), did not call while observing it of the movements at the court of tennis of university. It tries to obtain more close of its and finishes to the top getting dressed to the top while a girl, playing in her team, because they are ready for an important match of tennis. When it discovers the truth about him, it leaves it, but later is forced to ask him to return and play with it in the important match of tennis. Naturally, they play and gain, kiss in a line of happy-end there at the court of tennis, reinforcing with this fact only the principal idea of this article of tennis.

Another, an example much more known, is the case of Vladimir Nabokov'S "Lolita". When Humbert takes Lolita with him with her despaired voyage, it tries to engage it in activities of sports, such as swimming and tennis of play. It describes in the very small and exact details the image which it obtains observing its play: the She would wait and slacken a bar or two of time white-striped before the entry in the act of the portion, and often rebounded the ball once or twice, or tripoté the ground, always at ease, always rather vague about tennis marks, always very merry until it was so much seldom in the dark life which it carried out to the house".

Useless to say, nobody would like to raise the kind of emotions that Humbert feels for his liked; nevertheless, it is difficult to assert fact with the concept that the love often gleams and develops with the field of sports.

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