The 3 Characters of a Seduction

by Andrew Jenkins - Date: 2006-12-25 - Word Count: 460 Share This!

Picking up a woman is not just about the words you use, in fact they are not the most important thing. You need to lead a woman through the process of: wanting to talk to you, finding you interesting, and then feeling like she wants you physically. Sometimes it can happen in an instant, but usually it takes longer.

Most guys have one character all the way through a seduction. For a fun extravert, it will be the fun sociable guy. For most men, it will be Mr Comfort, the nice guy who might be interesting but isnt especially fun or sexual. The third is the sexual guy who goes in directly and has a strong sexual vibe. These guys will get some results, but they wont be consistent.

To increase your success rate hugely, you need to use the 3 characters as follows:

1. The Fun Sociable Guy

This is the guy that makes a great first impression, he has high energy levels, is animated, and quickly makes a good impression and makes people comfortable. He will be able to quickly get in with any group, make them laugh, and generally brighten up their evening.

This person will be very good for the first few minutes, but might find it hard to connect with the person or to seduce them just because he is too high energy. Use this character for the first few minutes until you have got into a comfortable 2-way conversation and they want you to stick around.

2. Mr Comfort

After you have integrated into a group, you can bring out Mr Comfort. He is interested and interesting. He listens 50% of the time, doesnt talk too much about himself, and tries to understand women, find common interests, build rapport, and be interesting.

Mr Comfort should stick around until you have common interests and a connection with a girl, at which point, he should start to bring in some elements of The Seducer. Mr Comfort cant start conversations very well, and he is not very seductive so it will be awkward when he goes in for the kiss.

3. The Seducer

The Seducer, coming in after The Fun Sociable Guy & Mr Comfort will be very effective. He looks at a woman in a way that tells her he wants her, he speaks more slowly, with a deeper voice, he touches her in increasingly sexual ways, he holds her hand when he talks and holds intense eye contact.

The Seducer should smoothly emerge from Mr Comfort as you find out more about the woman and become more attracted, when he is there from the start it looks like you are just in to her for her looks.

Learn the 3 characters of the seduction, and you will smoothly move from starting conversations to getting intimate.

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