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The SIM only deals are the stable and the most basic of all the different mobile phone deals that the network carriers dish out. This is because of the fact that they sell the SIM connection only.

The network service providers operating here - Orange, O2, 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile - all offer without exception what are popularly called as the SIM only contract deals. The SIM only deals as the name suggests sell only the SIM card connection. There is no providing you a new mobile phone handset. Now, this situation enables the network carriers to lower the prices dramatically and they are able to offer these SIM only deals at ludicrously low prices.

The SIM only deals are the preference of a large number of potential users who are happy continuing to use their present mobile phone handset and are simply wanting to purchase a new SIM connection and nothing else. They, for obvious reasons, do no want to sign up into a two year long contract phone deal that not only requires them to pay a rather high amount per month as instalment but also compels them to receive a new mobile phone gizmo as well that they do not want in the first place.

The SIM only deals also are akin to the contract phone deals in that they also come for short durations such as a week, month or a year. Most users prefer the monthly SIM only deals. Without exceptiion, the network carriers charge about £ 10 per month for the SIM card connection that they are selling. The SIM only deals also have their share of freebies. This includes, free talk time, text messages, mobile phone internet usage (where applicable) and in some cases even free gifts.

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