Calorie Shifting Diet And How Does It Work?

by Dr. Ross Denvers - Date: 2008-06-03 - Word Count: 621 Share This!

Calorie shifting diet is one of the hot topics being discussed in the diet industry. Question that we need an answer to is what is calorie shifting? It is a weight loss diet plan that is designed to stop the natural slowdown that happens in your metabolism whenever one is limiting his or her calorie intake. The calorie shifting is related to variety of food intake. The types of food that different people eat in the weight loss program are different. By implementing this plan, one shifts the calorie intake in his or her body. When this process is completed, the metabolism is faster and does not continue at same pace. Basically we are talking about how the body will digest and utilize various food stuffs and prevent the body from gaining weight

How does the calorie shifting program actually work? The shifting program keeps his or her metabolism from becoming complacent. For example, if you begin with a diet providing 1,000 calories a day, otherwise when you are used to eating foods that contain 3,000 calories daily the body gets a shock. The metabolic system expects the same number of calories every day..So the principle of the shifting system is providing the body with the foods that have unequal calories each day. This irregularity can shock the metabolic system and trigger the much desired weight loss. It may occur to you that how can you eat the same amount of the food and get weight loss with this program. Ofcourse it is not possible to eat varying quantities everyday.

So the shifting system considers feeding the body everyday with food having different calorie value. This variation in the calorie value can shocks the metabolic system and lead to weight loss. Again you may ask, while implementing this program, how can you eat the same quantity of the food and get weight loss. The answer to this query is, by decreasing the amount of the calories and using varying amount of calories in food daily. So the advantage of this diet program is that you will neither be reducing the quantity of your food intake nor are you compelled to increase your physical exercises.

The foremost requirement of the system is a person opting for weight loss should eat balanced food, couple of times a day and also switch the food type so that the metabolic system does not get adjusted to the specific diet regime. This program advocates changing the eating pattern few times in days, along with changing types of food, and also bringing about change in the food ensuring supply of different nutrients and number of the calories.

When you will eat the food having different calorie values, it will result into the metabolic system working in different ways. In case you are following a low carb program in order to boost calorie shifting process, you can increase the low carb consumption several times in months. Foods taken as part of low carb plan are lower in carbohydrate content and also in calories but are higher in protein. Many diet programs recommend a zigzag pattern of carb plans so you need to consume the low carb diet for few days before shifting back to the high carb. This up and down of carbohydrate intake helps to prevent you from being hungry and gives a feeling of fullness. You can try the zigzag pattern for several days to lose weight.

Along with this calorie changing diet plan drinking more water is advisable which may aid the process and help in making the weight loss process more effective. Because more water can flush out the extra food and maintain the metabolic system. The entire process may help you to reduce your weight in few months.

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