Buyer Beware: Two Types of People Finder Australia Websites to Avoid

by John Dobson - Date: 2007-06-18 - Word Count: 750 Share This!

If you regularly use the internet, you've probably come across a people finder Australia services website or two. They promise to locate lost loves, missing family members, or old schoolmates.

Just pop in a name, pay a nominal fee and you'll soon have your missing person's contact information. Tempting, isn't it? Especially if you're someone looking for a people finder Australia service on a minimal budget.

When faced with this or any online offer that sounds too good to be true it pays to remember the old adage. Before you reach for your credit card step back and ask some practical questions. Despite new online security features and the presence of thousands of legitimate businesses, the internet remains a "buyer beware" marketplace.

The good news is there are legitimate people finder Australia services being offered online. They are not all scams, but it is up to you to identify those that are. Look closely at their websites to see what's really going on.

If you are thinking about paying to find someone in Australia, consider the following facts about two types of people finder Australia websites you might encounter.

Bait and Switch

Internet sales and marketing schemes generate tremendous income for specialists world-wide everyday. How do they do it? Although their medium is the internet, many of these marketers still rely on tried and true sales techniques.

Consider the people finder Australia site that lures you in from a search engine with the promise of a "free" instant search. Since it costs nothing you're convinced of its value. You jump at the chance to try it out by clicking on their link.

You type the name of your missing person into their search bar. Next you're told "records" are available but you need to pay a fee in order to access them. The search itself was free, but the results will cost you. Bait and switch, plain and simple - if only people would recognize it!

What if you decide to pay? You may or may not receive some information about the person you're searching for. There's no guarantee about how dated or accurate results will be.

There's usually no guarantee it will even refer to the person you're after. In many cases, it's the same information you could have found yourself with a free online directory. It sounded too good to be true, and guess what? It was.

People finder Australia Ad-sites

People finder Australia ad-sites are a popular way internet marketers generate income. They are by no means as devious as outright scams, but they can mislead you and waste valuable time and money.

How can you recognize an ad-site? These websites literally bombard you with ads related to whatever you originally searched for. "Related links," Google "adsense" ads, banner ads, or other advertisements cover the top, sides, bottom and even the middle of the home page.

Stop and think for a minute and you'll see what's really going on. If a legitimate people finder Australia service was being offered why would they direct you to another website?

Internet marketing experts strive to have their ad-sites rank among the first websites search engines direct you to. They earn their income when you buy products and services via their ads. It is up to you to decide if an advertisement link on an ad-site leads to a legitimate search service.

But were you looking to shop for people finder Australia products and services? Weren't you trying to find someone? Distracting you from your main goal is one of the hazards of ad-sites.

People Finder Australia Website Red Flags

In reality advertisements have nothing to do with a genuine people search. Legitimate people finder Australia services are not overly interested in advertisements because their profession occupies them.

There may be helpful links to other services included on legitimate people finder Australia websites. Other legitimate search services may even be advertised. But these ads are being placed there as a courtesy to help you succeed with your search. They are by no means the sole focus of your attention or part of a marketing scheme.

If you are interested in a service you see advertised on an ad-site that appears to be a legitimate search service, consider typing the url into your browser instead of clicking on the link you're shown. Explore and evaluate each website independently to avoid being lost in the maze of people finder Australia marketing schemes.


Article by John Dobson of OZpeopletrace. OZpeopletrace is a professional people finder service specializing in locating individuals in Australia. To learn more about OZpeopletrace visit

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