Guinea Pigs Foods And Feeding - The Seven Foods You Must Always Keep Away From A Guinea Pig

by Florian Ross - Date: 2007-05-30 - Word Count: 342 Share This!

What should you avoid to feed a guinea pig?

If you know what food you should be feeding your guinea pig, you should also know that there are some things that you shouldn't feed them.

If you accidentally feed your guinea pig something from this list that is not poisonous, just watch him or her carefully for signs of illness. However, you'll want to call or take him to the vet immediately if he or she has ingested something poisonous.

- Do not feed your guinea pig iceberg lettuce. While most leafy greens do provide an excellent source of Vitamin C for your guinea pig, iceberg lettuce does not. You're better off purchasing kale or cabbage for your pet.

- Do not feed your guinea pig long stalks of celery. Those stringy pieces that can get wound up in your garbage disposal are just as hard for your guinea pig to digest. If your guinea pig likes celery, you need to cut it up into smaller pieces before you give it to them.

- Do not feed your guinea pig any shelled nuts or seeds. Your guinea pig can easily choke on the pieces of the shell. Also, be careful about the guinea pig treat sticks that are sold in pet stores because these often contain shelled seeds.

- Do not feed your guinea pig rhubarb, beans, or potatoes with green spots. These are all poisonous to your guinea pig.

- Do not feed your guinea pig certain types of plants. While some plants, like dandelions and clover, are safe for your guinea pig, many others are poisonous to him or her. Daffodils, hyacinths, poppy, and buttercups are some of those too avoid.

- Do not feed your guinea pig any dairy products. Although some people may suggest feeding their guinea pigs yogurt in order to clean out their digestive systems, you should avoid feeding any dairy product to your guinea pig because they are lactose intolerant, which means their bodies can not properly process daily products. Also, excess calcium will cause guinea pigs to develop kidney and/or bladder stones.

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