Mangosteen Supplement Use

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The majority of any studies done with the mangosteen fruit to date have been done in a lab. There is minimal work that has been done with people that can indicate the exact benefits someone will receive from taking a daily mangosteen supplement. How ever while it isn't proven scientifically there are numerous people that praise the benefits of the fruit in prevention therapy for different forms of cancer and other environment illnesses.

The majority of studies focus on the pericarp of the fruit. The dark and woody rind portion, rather then the white tasty fruit inside. The reason that this is the point of focus is simple, that's where the majority of Xanthones reside. While the fruit itself surely has some healthy benefits, they haven't been studied to the extent of the rind.

Mangosteen Supplement Information

Those who take a mangosteen supplement generally take it for holistic medical purposes, the best ones being made from the peel, pulp, and hull of the fruit. Ideally a liquid mangosteen supplement is taken once per day in a 30ml to 90ml dose taken through the day rather than all at once.

The better mangosteen supplements don't contain any sweeteners, preservatives, or stabilizing agents. Reason for this is those chemicals can have a negative effect on the beneficial effects the mangosteen has.

A more popular mangosteen supplement is Mangoxan, it gets it's name from the mangosteen and the primary antioxidant in the fruit known as Xanthones. The supplement is made from the entire fruit puree, along with some other fruits that are high in antioxidants. The Xanthones are found to be most concentrated in the peel, and hull of the fruit.

Mangoxan is a wonderfully tasty juice, that hold extraordinary benefits as a supplement. The whole mangosteen puree mixed along with the other fruits high in antioxidants offers a vast array of health benefits. This juice is different then anything else available on the market. The xanthones combined with a cocktail of other antioxidants provides amazing health benefits. If you're searching for a quality mangosteen supplement don't look any further then Mangoxan.

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