List Building Technique - Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition (usp)

by Joel Christopher - Date: 2007-07-19 - Word Count: 436 Share This!

Unique Selling Proposition or USP, also known as USA or Unique Selling Advantage, is another important aspect of marketing that you have to consider properly. If you think you are prime to do business, then you must have some USP to help launch your career as an internet marketer.

There are many things to consider as you develop your USP, and you must be able to learn these by heart before you really gain something substantial out of your USP or USA.

It is a matter of Dominance.

You must make your USP as if you are the only solution available for the problem. You no longer think of keeping at par with your competitors (although you still secretly make note of that), but you actually position your mindset in a way that it seems you are the only one who can fill your target market's need. This is the best way to concoct a viable unique selling proposition. You don't just aim to get a part of the consumer pie. You aim to dominate.

It begins with a Killer Headline.

You cannot expect your consumers to buy from you or trust you if you haven't gotten their attention. Love begins with one hello, as the song goes. But that hello must come with a bang for it to be heard loud enough for your target market to hear.

It will take months or even years to perfect.

The thing about people who try to make up their USP's is that they think that with just one sitting they can concoc the best USP. On the contrary, having a good idea does not equate to success unless you work on it. The perfection of that USP needs to be tested, refined and tempered by elements of time and hard work.

It will have to be filled with benefit laden statements.

The good USA or USP must be bordered with benefit laden statements in order for it to sell to the market. The marketability of your USA or USP heavily depends on how it will seem beneficial to your target audience.

It can sometimes come from out of the box.

Out of the box thinking can actually bring the best USP's. It does not have to be your idea. It can be something casually pitched in by a friend or a family member, who are not as immersed in the business as you. Out of the box thinking may or may not work, but it already has the advantage in the sense that it is out of the ordinary and something that other people in the same field might not have seen.

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